Class 201B: Starting a New PBEM Game (BG)

Start the game. You will see the Menu Options Screen below. 

                                          On the Menu Options Screen, click on the Special Options box.


When the Special Options Dialog Box appears click on Play-By-E-Mail.

Click on Yes to start a new game

Next you will see the Scenario Selection Screen below.
Scroll down the Scenario List to the Scenario provided by your Instructor.

Once you've highlighted the proper scenario select Play.

Next you will see the Main Battlefield Screen and the New Scenario Dialog Box below.

For the Local Side new cadets should select Rebel.

Also make sure that the Fog-of-War Box is checked.

Next, click on the Rules Button.

The Rules Button will display the Optional Rules Dialog Box below.  For VMI Training ALL Optional Rules should be checked.

Once you've verified that all optional rules are checked click OK.

You will return to the New Scenario Dialog Box below.

        Click OK.

This will begin the first game turn with the Confederate Move Phase below

Click anywhere on the Confederate Move Phase Box to begin the Movement Phase.

At some point during the Move Phase go to the Menu Bar and select Options.

From the Options Menu make sure that the PBEM Encryption option is checked.

Complete the remainder of your Move, Fire, and Melee Phases.  At the end of the Melee Phase you will see the Play by E-Mail Dialog Box below

Click OK.

You will then see the Save As Dialog Box below.  Name your .bte file according to your VMI Instructor's instructions.

Once you've named the .bte file click Save.

You will then see the Key Dialog Box below.
Keep your encryption key something simple and easy to remember.
You will need this key to open future files when they are returned by your opponent.

Once you've selected an encryption key select OK.
You will then see the PBEM Message Dialog Box below.

Select OK.
This completes your turn.

The .bte file you named earlier is now ready to Zip and E-Mail to your Instructor.

This completes your review of the  Class 201B: Starting a New PBEM Game (BG) . You may now either continue on with Class 301: Sending Files or return to the Classroom Directory.
For additional reading on Battleground Strategy and Tactics as well as a variety of related American Civil War topics please refer to the Library Section.

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