Class 501: VMI Cadet Dictionary

Below you will find a list of commonly used terms here at the ACWGC.  It is not meant to be a complete listing of all terms and abbreviations, just the basic ones to help you learn.
AoA - Army of Alabama (CSA)
AC - Army Commander
ACWGC - American Civil War Game Club
ADF - Auto Defensive Fire
AoG - Army of Georgia (CSA)
AotM or AoM - Army of the Mississippi (CSA)
ANV - Army of Northern Virginia (CSA)
Art/Arty - Artillery

Battle Game - Where the game players are from opposite sides - Reb vs Yankee

BC - Brigade Commander
.bte - Game file extension for Play-By-E-Mail games (This is the file you send to your opponent)
.btl - Game file extension for games played against the game's AI (Artificial Intelligence, playing against the computer)

CC - Corps Commander

CoA - Chief of the Armies
CoS - Chief of Staff
.cpf - Game file extension for Play-By-E-Mail Campaign (HPS only) games (This is the file you send to your opponent)
DC - Division Commander
DoR - Department of Records - officially called the ACWGC Automatic system
Express Links - An easy way to navigate to the main Club websites
ETC Eastern Theater Command
Maneuver Game - Where the players are from the same side - Reb vs Reb
M/D or MDT - Mason Dixon Tavern - main forum posting board for both sides of the club
Mirror Game - Same scenario replayed between same opponents switching sides
MP Game or Multi-Player Game - Where each side has more than one person playing.  Can be maneuver or battle
Muster - Monthly check in to your DC, CC, or CoS, to let them know you are still active in the club
OBD Points - Officer Battle Dossier points - points earned for promotion in rank by game playing and mustering
PBEM Play-By-E-Mail - sending your game turns by email
Surrender - A Yankee word, not sure of it's meaning
Training Game - The game you are playing now with your Instructor - later you will register your Training Game at the DoR
UMA - Union Military Academy - Yankee training site for new Union members
VMI - Vicksburg Military Institute - CSA training site for new Confederate members
WTC Western Theater Command

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