Class 701: ACWGC Automatic system (DoR) & ACWGC Forum


ACWGC Automatic system

ACWGC Automatic system (Department of Records/DoR) is our Game Registration site and a whole lot more; it is located at this link:  When your training battle has advanced to the point completion or your instruction has informed us that you are ready, we will send out an email with instruction of how to log into the ACWGC Automatic system.  We will use your email address as your username and select a password to use.  You will then attempt to login to the  ACWGC Automatic system site.  Once logged in, please follow the instructions for changing your login name (if you desire to) and password (highly recommended!).
Once you have accomplished this task we will want you to perform another.  File a Start Game Registration by selecting the 'Register a new game'.  This uses all pull down menus and is fairly simple to use.  Please NOTE:  when asked for ‘select battle type’ please select VMI Training.  Follow the instructions, once completed, you can check to see if indeed your Battle has been registered by going to Reports and selecting 'My Games'.  Once you have completed your training battle you can file an End Game report, this is done by selecting End a current game.
How do you find folks to start games?  How do you find out what is happening in the club like upcoming tournaments or new games being released?  The first place to go is to the main club web page and then to the Mason-Dixon Tavern.  Go to the club main page or follow the link here:
We will register you at the ACWGC Forum once you have completed your second training battle turn.  You will receive an email from the administrator confirming your registration.  You can then change your given password if you choose.
You will find the following sections:
Mason-Dixon Tavern - General club info and news.  Discussions here should be based on game play or some how related to the Civil War.
PBEM Opponent Finder - Create a challenge for those darn Yankees or take up the gauntlet they have laid down.
The Cartography Office - A place where add on battles are discussed.  If you have a skill at creating, then this could be the place for you!

The Smoking Room - A place for "off topic" discussions of anything and everything among other club members, no real limits but keep it in good taste.

The Southern Raider - Here is the place to pick the brains of the experts and learn.  I look here a lot and if I have a specific question on how to beat them Yankees this is the place.  Only Rebels like yourself allowed, the password will be given to you by our Commandant or whoever has the duty.  Password for the Southern Raiders is:  ?  This will be given to you once you have graduated.
The Yankee Quartermaster - The pass worded Yankee forum, nothing good going on there!
The Club Cabinet - where questions can be asked of the powers that be.
Always try to visit the Forum at least once a day to stay in touch with the other Club members. 
When posting on the Forum
It is proper to list your rank, name and organization.  You can set up your signature block at the Profile (covered in the next section 701.1) from the ACWGC Forum located at the upper right corner. If you still haven’t been assigned to either a CSA Army or brigade you can post as the following: 
Fld Lt John Brown
Eastern Theater
And once you are assigned you would post the following: 
Fld Lt John Brown
3rd Bde, 1st Div, II Corps
Army of Northern Virginia
This can all be set up in the Signature block of your Profile section at the Forum.  You can add images such as battle flags and rank as well as typeface and color.  Ask us for some assistance when doing this (see Class 701.1  ACWGC Club Forums Signature Block).
If you are still a Cadet then you are required to graduate prior to posting on the Forum, with the exception you are welcome to post on the VMI Mess Hall site!
There is other information available at the CSA War College which you can access thru VMI once you have graduated.

ACWGC Homepage

ACWGC Homepage: you will find a bunch of information located there such as;
Confederate Headquarters:  Here is located links to the four Rebel Armies plus VMI and the Confederate War College.
Union Headquarters:  Same thing only for the Yankee side of the house.
ACWGC Club Rules:  A good read for understanding your responsibilities in the Club.
ACWCO Cartography Office:  This is where add-on battles can be found, increase your gaming titles.
Scenario Design Center:  Another link to more add-on battle scenarios.
Link Express:  Links to many of the Club sites.
CSA Reference Library:  This is the link to the various awards and such as used in the CSA side of the Club.
This completes your review of Class 701: ACWGC Automatic system. You may now either continue on with Class 701.1: ACWGC Club Forums Signature Block or return to the Classroom Directory.