Class 801: How to advance in Rank


Captain - 45 points

Major - 60 points

Lt. Colonel - 75 points

Colonel - 150 points



  One of the more enjoyable parts of being in the club is advancing in rank.  This is done strictly through accumulating Officer Battle Dossier points or more commonly, OBD points. These are collected in several ways but the most common ways are through game playing, mustering each month with the army you will be assigned, and by taking on a leadership role in the club.  
  Before we go any further I would like to stress that rank in the club is associated with the number of games you have played, the time you have taken to volunteer to be a leader in the club, and your longevity in the club more than it is special abilities or qualifications like in the actual military.  Anyone who joins the club has just as much chance as anyone else to become a General.  It is just a matter of playing games and giving back to the club in the form helping to run the club in a leadership position.
  One way you accumulate OBD points is when you finish playing a game and close the game out at the DoR. The amount of points you get are related to how long the game was and whether you won or lost.  However the points have been structured so that the difference between the winning points and losing points are very close.  That is because the ACWGC is more interested in rewarding you for playing games than it is in who won or lost.
  You also add up points by mustering each month with your assigned army.  Just by checking in each month with your army you are given points.  This is an easy way to see your points grow.
  Although there are several other ways of gaining points, the last of the most common ways is by having a leadership role in the club.  You earn OBD points each month in the club when you serve as a Divisional Commander, Corps Commander, Army Commander or in many of the other leadership positions in the club.  These type of OBD points are know as Admin points and count just like the other OBD points.  Other positions such as Adjutant will earn Conduct points.
  Now when you have accumulated enough OBD points to advance to the next rank you go to the DoR and go to the "Reports" section, then go to "Field Promotions" and click on the message at the bottom of the page and you are automatically advanced to the next rank.  This works fine for promotions of Captain through Colonel, however when you reach 300 points and can be promoted to Brigadier General, that has to be done by your commanding officer.  To reach Major General you must have 450 OBD points and hold the position of Divisional Commander or higher, to reach Lt. General you must have 600 OBD points and be a Corps Commander or higher and to reach General you must have 800 OBD points and be an Army Commander or equivalent.
  With each rank you are permitted to show that rank on your emails and postings with the corresponding collar insignia such as your Cadet collar patch above.  To view all the CSA collar tabs go to the CSA Library and click on the book labeled "Insignia of the CSA". 
  Below is the step by step instructions on the automatic promotion procedure at the DoR.  Should you have any questions or need any help you can ask your commanding officer at your new army, your VMI Instructor, or any of the staff here at VMI.

 Instructions for Captain to Colonel promotions:

1)  Go to the ACWGC Automatic system 'Department of Records (DoR)'
2)  Put in your Username and Password.  If you have forgotten your Username and Password, please let us know and we will get them for you.
3)  Once you are in the DoR click on "Reports"
4)  Now click on "Field Promotions"
5)  When you get into Field Promotions go to the bottom of the page and click on the "open message" link for the special message waiting for you.  By clicking on this message you will automatically be promoted. Congratulations!

You have received a sealed message by special courier!

 Instructions for Brigadier General to General promotions:

1)  When you have reached 300, 450, 600, or 800 OBD points you can move to the next Generals rank.
2)  Go to Field Promotions at the DoR as before and click on the "Open Message" button.  This then sends a message to your commanding officer that you have the points for promotion.  You are NOT automatically promoted to Brigadier General or any other Generals rank.  In addition to clicking on the "Open Message" button you must also inform the commanding officer of your assigned army who will forward the request up the chain of command until it get's to the CSA Chief of the Army (CoA)3)  The CoA will then submit your name to the club cabinet for approval.  Once approved you will be informed by email of your approval and advancement in rank.  This whole process can take up to two months, so you must be patient.

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