Class 401: Battle Reporting (Mustering)

Keeping in touch with High Command

All Cadets must make regular reports.

This is critical to the proper administration of this part of our Club and your level of competence in this area is recorded on your Instructor's evaluation when it is presented to your field commanders upon your graduation from this Academy.
    1)  While in Training each Cadet must fill out a report form once every 2 turns.
        (This is usually not more that 3 or 4 reports because training games are short.)
    2)  Make a report ONCE A WEEK if you have not completed 2 turns.
    3)  Please describe the events of the past 2 turns.
    4)  Then give your proposed actions for the coming 2 turns.
    5)  Ask any questions you like.
    6)  You will need to establish your signature block at the ACWGC Forums (see Class 701.1:     
        ACWGC Club Forums Signature Block).  To do this you will need to set it up in the Profile
        section of the Forum.  It should include your rank and Name and organization.
   example:  Cadet Nick Kunz
All reports can be viewed by the Club membership at the Mason - Dixon Tavern/VMI. The Staff and Faculty can reply to each and every report answering any questions/comments you may have. Also will updates your Cadet Roll at the Corps of Cadets to show you present in class. 
To send Battle Reports use the VMI Forum located in the Mason - Dixon Tavern. The Commandant will have to get you registered beforehand for you to be able to log into the Forum.
Understand that these reports are necessary to the proper administration of our club.
Be aware that each Confederate Army (after you are assigned) will have their own time schedule/procedure for Battle Reporting/Muster Report that you will have to follow.
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