Napoleonic Wargame Club (NWC)



Reserve Artillery & Engineers Corps


Reserve Artillery & Engineers Corps Commander:


Royal Regiment of Artillery:


Royal Regiment of Artillery Commander:


Sandham's Battery, Royal Artillery

Lloyd's Battery, Royal Artillery

Major General Richard Bradshaw, 1st Viscount of Manchester

Order of Saint Michael and Saint George Knight Commander BadgeOrder of Saint Michael and Saint George Type I CompanionOrde van de Nederlandse Leeuw Grootkruis PlaqueOrde van de Nederlandse Leeuw CommandeurOrde van de Nederlandse Leeuw RidderArmy Gold Cross 1806-14Army Gold Medal 1806-14Braunschweigische Militärverdienstmedaille 1815 (Brunswick Military Merit Medal)Military General Service Medal 1793-1814  (2014)Distinguished Conduct MedalMeritorious Service MedalBritish Waterloo MedalMentioned in Dispatches (2014)

Bolton's Battery, Royal Artillery

Brome's Battery, Royal Artillery

Hutchesson's Battery, Royal Artillery

Ilbert's Battery, Royal Artillery

Tyler's Company, Royal Artillery

Cockburn's Company, Royal Artillery

May's Company, Royal Artillery

Hewitt's Company, Royal Artillery

Roger's Company, Royal Artillery

Unett's Company, Royal Artillery

Sinclair's Company, Royal Artillery


Regiment of Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A):


Regiment of Royal Horse Artillery Commander:


Ross' "A" Troop (The Chestnut Troop), Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Bull's "I" Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Beane's "D" Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Smith's "F" Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Gardiner's "E" Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Mercer's "G" Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Ramsay's "H" Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)

Whinyate's Second Rocket Troop, Royal Horse Artillery (R.H.A)


Brigada de Artilharia Português:

(Brigade of Portuguese Artillery)

Comandante da Brigada de Artilharia Português:

Artilharia de Pé Português #1

Artilharia de Pé Português #2

Artilharia a Cavalo Português


Brigada de Artillería de España:

Comandante de la Brigada de Artillería de España:

1ª Batería de Artillería a Caballo

2ª Batería de Artillería a Caballo

3ª Batería de Artillería a Caballo


Royal Engineers & Sappers:

Royal Engineers & Sappers Commander:

1st Company Royal Engineers

2nd Company Royal Sappers


Corpo de Engenheiros Portugueses:

(Corps of Portuguese Engineers)

Comandante do Corpo de Engenheiros Portugueses:

Regimento de Engenheiros Nº 1

Regimento de Engenheiros Nº 2


Cuerpo de Ingenieros Españoles:

(Corps of Spanish Engineers)

Comandante da Cuerpo de Ingenieros Españoles:

1a Compañía de Ingenieros

2a Compañía de Ingenieros

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