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Wiener Imperiales Zeitung:

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General News Notices:


11/26/11 - Fred DiLeo promoted to Fähnrich

11/27/11 - Bohdan Remeta promoted to Oberst

11/27/11 - Jeff McDonald promoted to Oberstleutnant

12/03/11 - Gary McClellan granted nobility title of Graf

12/03/11 - Bohdan Remeta granted nobility title of Fürst

12/04/11 - Jim Pfluecke made the Austrian Armee's first Erzherzog (Archduke)

12/18/11 - Stefano Ciampoli promoted to Unterleutnant

12/30/11 - Joe Alberti promoted to Feldzeugmeister

Army Command Notices:


November 18, 2011

Vienna, Austria


Reform of Nobility Titles

Austrian Officers,

I have not heard any complaints about my proposed OOB changes, so I am going to do those tonight.

The next issue is reforms of the nobility titles in terms of names used and reasons for being awarded.

Changes in title names are needed as they are not 100% in sync with actual German issued titles. I will handle that part. What I am looking for is your opinions on what the requirements should be.


This is the current system, below the ranks listed on the page:


Now the questions for you are:

1.) Should the requirements stay the same or should the higher titles no longer require the "made significant contributions to the Army or Club" clause?

2.) Should just maybe the title of Archduke have the said: "made significant contributions to the Army or Club" clause?

I am certain that at least one title will disappear as there is some duplication.

General der Infanterie Scott Kronprinz "Vorwärts" Ludwig von Preußen

Commander of the Combined Austro-Prussian-Swedish

Austrian Administrator

November 12, 2011

Vienna, Austria


Introduction Message & New Changes


Officers of Austria:

First off I wanted to introduce myself.  Marco Bijl has mentioned me in correspondence to you all and pretty much all of you know me, but I am Scott Ludwig. I am the commander of the newly formed Combined Austro-Prussian-Swedish Army, which is nothing more than a merger of the various armies for administrative purposes and management.  Which also has me as the Austrian Administrator, but not the commander.

Currently we are looking for a commander for the Austrians to work with me on the army.

But for now I will be handling the day to day affairs of the Austrians, the website and the officer rolls.  I have already been working with some of your senior commanders. 

My goal is to make the Austrians a solid army again while providing you all timely updates of the site and recognition of your services.  My goal is really to expand what the army does for it's members and find anyway to honor them.  This also includes giving away points a few times a year for activity, mustering, involvement in the Club and tourney participation the way we do in the Prussians.  I want to be your voice in the Club and be a sounding board for your cause.  So feel free to talk with me anytime.

So any army issues please feel free to email me. The website is done for the most part, but still having things evolve.

I am also hoping to expand on the medals the army members can be awarded. On a final note, please see the section below about a new tourney the Club is forming.

I hope to see you all turn out for it!!


General der Infanterie Scott Kronprinz "Vorwärts" Ludwig von Preußen

Commander of the Combined Austro-Prussian-Swedish

Austrian Administrator

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