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Wiener Imperiales Zeitung:

(Vienna Imperial Newspaper - Army News)

General News Notices:


3/14/12 - Peter Keller Returns to the Armee

3/14/12 - Stefano Ciampoli promoted to Oberleutnant

3/14/12 - Bohdan Remeta given Nobility Title Fürst von Böhmen, now known as Oberst Bohdan Fürst Remeta von Böhmen

3/14/12 - Jim Pfluecke given Nobility Title Erzherzog von Teschen, now known as Feldmarschall Jim Erzherzog Pfluecke von Teschen

3/14/12 - Philip Roubaud given Nobility Title Graf von Schwarzenberg, now known as Feldmarschall Philip Graf Roubaud von Schwarzenberg

3/14/12 - Gary McClellan given Nobility Title Graf von Hohenzollern-Hechingen, now known as Feldmarschall Gary Graf McClellan von Hohenzollern-Hechingen

3/22/12 - Gary McClellan awarded the Imperial Austrian Leopold Order Service Cross for his service as Armee Commander

3/22/12 - Jim Pfluecke awarded Leipzig Victory Cross

3/27/12 - Joseph Alberti given Nobility Title Freiherr von Tirol, now known as Feldzeugmeister Joseph Freiherr Alberti von Tirol

3/27/12 - Jim Pfluecke awarded Austerlitz Victory Cross

4/03/12 -Jeff McDonald given Nobility Title Freiherr von Salzburg, now known as Oberstleutnant Jeff Freiherr McDonald von Salzburg

4/18/12 - Jeff McDonald inducted into the Grenadier Korps with honorary command of the Fischer Grenadier Bn

5/02/12 - Stefano Ciampoli promoted to Hauptmann

7/01/12 - Jim Pfluecke awarded Order of the Iron Crown 2nd Class

8/07/12 - Mark Truitt Returns to the Armee

10/03/12 - New Officer David Fors

10/04/12 - Stefano Ciampoli promoted to Oberstleutnant

10/04/12 - Clinton Hill promoted to Major

10/13/12 - Clinton Hill promoted to Oberstleutnant

10/13/12 - Andreas Kyriakou promoted to Oberleutnant

10/13/12 - Cela Noftz promoted to Generalfeldwachtmeister

10/13/12 - Jeff McDonald promoted to Oberst

10/23/12 - David Fors promoted to Fähnrich

Army Command Notices:


None Yet

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