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September, 2013

Vienna, Austria

Colonel Trane Barredo, detached from the Anglo-Allied army, will act as temporarily CO as long as there is no other Austrian officers from the army available to take over. Major Juergen Kraut, detached from the same AAA will act as Chief Of Staff.

Both officers will make sure that promotion and awards are issued, websites maintained, new recruits enlisted and promotion notices in the forum is made.

Some changes were made to the webpages after the NWC 2013 muster (the OOB has been made somewhat smaller; we had almost 50 units available for 13 officers at present, thus with a smaller OOB more cooperation, communication and esprit du corps will be created).

Many thanks to Scott Ludwig for developing and maintaining these webpage for all these years.

Officers Roster is replaced by an automatic system that displays all records. This to minimize website maintenance.

News page will no longer carry all promotions and awards. These are recorded in an Army Excel sheet by the army commanders.

Changes made to the OOB:

Advanced guard brought back to divisional level

1st Corps brought back to original 1st inf. division only

Cuirassier corps units added to cavalry brigade under 1 corps.

Cuirassier corps disbanded.

For officers involved this means the following changes:

Fähnrich Mike Stefanowicz transferred to Hussar regiment nr 4.

Feldmarschall Jim Erzherzog Pfluecke von Teschen transfered to CO of I corps.

Stefano Ciampoli becomes brigade commander of the Kurassier brigade attached to the I corps.

Mark van Hattem, Clay Shurts, Jeff Mathes stay with the same unit but are now forming part of the Kurassier brigade attached to the I corps.



Generaal Marco Bijl

Austrian Administrator


January 15, 2013

Vienna, Austria

Österreichische Imperiale Armee Command Appointments and OOB Changes

Officers of the Austrian Armee,

I am pleased to announce the changes to the Order of Battle have been made on the website and in DoR.

Please note we have gone to three Corps' now. One being for former senior commanders, the other two as regular Corps. Click the link below to go to our OOB:

The Kürassier units are all now in the Kürassier Korps. The 1. Leichte Division units are now in the Advanced Guard, which is its own unit outside of any Corps.

I am pleased to appoint our most decorated officer Feldmarschall Jim Erzherzog Pfluecke von Teschen as the new Kommandant of the Kürassier Korps.

Also Generalfeldwachtmeister Celamanka Noftz is the new Kommandant of the 2. Brigade, 1. (Infanterie) Division, I. Armee-Korps.

Note: All other commands have stayed the same.....But the hierarchy of units have changed, so please edit your info and forum signatures.

For the needed edits to your forum signature, see the hierarchy below or the website.

Also please join me in congratulating Jim Pfluecke on being awarded the Order of the Iron Crown 1st Class for his 40th Victory!

Finally, with this new OOB I am authorizing the ability for any officer to change their unit they command, just simply email me.

Any comments or questions feel free to send me a message.


Best Regards,

Generalfeldmarschall Scott Kronprinz "Vorwärts" Ludwig von Preußen

Commander of the Combined Austro-Prussian-Swedish

Austrian Administrator



January 11, 2013

Vienna, Austria


Austrian Armee Order of Battle Changes


Officers of the Austrian Armee,

In an attempt to correct some errors made when making the Order of Battle, as well as expand it for incoming recruits, the below is the new Order of Battle for the Austrian Armee.

No one has had their position changed except for Jim Pfluecke who is now the new Kürassier Korps Kommandant.

Cela Noftz has been moved from Kommandant of the 1. Briagde, 1. (Infanterie) Division to Kommandant 2. Briagde, 1. (Infanterie) Division.

Please note the subtle changes in some of the division numberings, they are correct now as opposed to what we had before. Main one is the 3. Division, I. Armee-Korps is now the 1. (Infanterie) Division, I. Armee-Korps.

The website will be updated shortly I hope.

Any comments, questions or concerns please feel free to email me and the group at large.


Generalfeldmarschall Scott Kronprinz "Vorwärts" Ludwig von Preußen

Commander of the Combined Austro-Prussian-Swedish

Austrian Administrator

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