Verzeichnis der Adelstitel in der Preußischen Armee

(Prussian Army Records of Nobility Titles)

To qualify for a Royal Title one has to be:

1.) A member of the Prussian Army

2.) Currently active


Rules of Title Use:

Once a member become inactive their title is stripped from them and given to someone else.


General Officers:

(Generalmajor and Higher)

Each level of Herzog to GroßPrinz corresponds with the rank of the officer as can be seen below:

Herzog - Generalmajor

GroßHerzog - Generalleutnant

Prinz - General der Infanterie/Kavallerie

GroßPrinz - Generaldfeldmarschall

GroßPrinz is only awarded to the Kommandeur of the whole Armee. Past Armee Kommandeurs as of November 2004 can retain their title of GroßPrinz and their place designation.


Line Officers:

(Major to Oberst)

Officers showing great service to Prussia whom are not yet General Officers now have the ability to be awarded titles of lower nobility. The awarding is based on the opinion of the Generalstab and does not have any specific requirements beyond meeting the rank level and having done services for Prussia above and beyond just playing battles.

Each level of Freiherr to Markgraf corresponds with the rank of the officer as can be seen below:

Freiherr - Major

Graf - Oberstleutenant

Markgraf - Oberst

Titles awarded with places for General Officers:

Generalfeldmarschall Scott Ludwig
Kronprinz von Preußen
General der Infanterie Oliver Kreuels
Prinz von Wartenberg
General der Infanterie Richy Duggan
Prinz von Altmark
General der Infanterie Ludwig Schmidt
Prinz von Stettin-Arnimswalde
General der Infanterie Phil Chimara
Prinz von Großbeeren-Liegnitz
General der Infanterie Martin Huschka
Prinz von Nordmark
General der Infanterie Michael Fredel
Kurfürst von Hessen-Kassel
General der Kavallerie Robert Hamper
Prinz von Lusatia
General der Kavallerie Clifton Seeney
General der Kavallerie Dave Stotsenburgh
Prinz von Insterburg
General der Kavallerie Wilhelm Peters
Prinz von Dennewitz
General der Kavallerie Ian Hames
Prinz von Mecklenburg-Strelitz
Generalleutnant Walt Moehle
GroßHerzog von Neuhardenberg
Generalleutnant Ken Miller
GroßHerzog von Lindenthal
Generalleutnant Ron Virts GroßHerzog von Falkenberg
Generalmajor Dani Cohen
Herzog von Friedrichsfelde
Generalmajor Mike Petro
Herzog von Charlottenburg
Generalmajor Thomas Whitfield
Herzog von Königsfeld


Titles awarded for Regiment Officers:

Oberst Harold Lajoie
Markgraf von Löwenberg
Oberst Bob Hughes
Markgraf von Ostamark


Retired Titles:

Generalfeldmarschall Stefan Reuter
GroßPrinz von Wahlstadt
General der Infanterie Andreas Naujoks
Prinz von Mecklenburg-Schwerin
General der Kavallerie Hakan Hen Prinz von Kurmark
Generalleutnant Robert Caldwell
GroßHerzog von Westwald
Generalleutnant Steve Real
GroßHerzog von Wittenberg
Generalmajor Alan Hartwik
Herzog von Altlandsberg
Generalmajor Zach Bogue
Herzog von Allenstein
Oberst Kirk Hutzel
Markgraf von Nordwestsuckermark
Oberst Mark Crawford
Markgraf von Kreuzburg
Oberst Jerry Butley
Markgraf von Lichtenberg-Mittelmark
Oberst Robert Scholtz
Markgraf von OstFriesland
Oberst Rustem Riza
Markgraf von Grünau
Oberstleutnant Yann Bosc Langeron
Graf von von Kolberg
Oberstleutnant Bill Drakert
Graf von Frohnau
Markgraf von Märkisch-Oderland
Markgraf von Großlichterfelde
Freiherr von Kaulsdorf

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