Preußische Heeresbibliothek

(Preußische Armee Library)


Prussian Army Member Ancestor Information

Prussian Armee Family Research Center



By Robert Hamper

Interview with Dr. David Chandler

Interview with John Tiller

Interview with Peter Hofschröer

Book Review Amateurs to Arms A Military Study of the War of 1812

Book Review A Military History and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars

Preußische Armee Medals: An Evolution of the Old System


Prussian Unit Histories

By Dallas Gavan

6. Infanterie-Regiment

7. Infanterie-Regiment

12. Infanterie-Regiment

13. Infanterie-Regiment

24. Infanterie-Regiment

2. Dragooner-Regiment

5. Dragooner-Regiment

The Prussian Army of 1806 and 1813


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