Preußische Armee Kriegsakademie:

(Prussian Army War Academy)

The Preußische Armee War Academy is the official training branch of the Prussian Armee. Here new recruits can seek help from the faculty on a wide variety of topics as well as read about various games & Prussian Army related topics.

This is also the place where one can read about the Prussian Command structure and brush up on the basics of PBEM.

Kriegsakademie Generalstab:


Kommandeur der Kriegsakademie


Adjutant Kriegtaktikmeister






Oberhaupt Feld Instruktor


Basic Links:

PBEM for Beginners

Waterloo British Army Command & Structure for Beginners

Prussian Army Command & Structure for Beginners

Prussian Depth Tactics

Recently Assigned Officers

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