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Königreich Preußen

Königlich-Preußisches Armee-Korps

(Kingdom of Prussia - Royal Prussian Army Corps)

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Welcome to the Hauptquartier der Preußischen Armee-Korps (Prussian Army Corps Headquarter), feel free to sit down and take a look around. The Generalfeldmarchsall should be back soon. Help yourself to some of the bratwürst and beer. Let us know what you think of the new place. You are welcome back anytime and we can discuss exploits and great battles we have fought, even if you are a frog. If you are interested in our Armee-Korps, here is the joining form.

Come back soon,

Der Preußische Generalstab

German Translation Help Provided by Ludwig Schmidt & Oliver Kreuels

Preußischen Armee Mascot Dog

"Old Fritz"

In Memory of Members Who Have Passed On: Bill Brockman & Jerry Butley. Rest in Peace.

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