Notes for Researchers:

This section is meant to help researchers of all types find resources in their search. I try to help everyone who sends us an email. But sometimes I get busy with real life and want to have things available for people to get answers, rather than wait days or months for me to get back to them.



Major thing to remember - a lot of Prussian documents were lost in World War II. You may have to turn to regional archives/libraries, town ones or even the churches (parishes) in the area where your ancestor is from. Church documents can sometimes be the best to find basic data like birth dates and marriage licenses.

Also be sure if you come across a website, email them. Even if it is in German or Polish most agencies will have someone on staff who speaks English to help you. Most places, especially regional or small ones would be more than happy to help you. That is what their job is. Don't get discouraged if the major archives/libraries take a while or cannot help you or re-direct you. Sometimes they don't have the information. Always be sure to ask where you can turn to next.

Try contacting the tourist agencies or business bureaus in the cities with people who may be able to help or agencies to turn to.

Remember that a lot of Prussia is now in Poland, so you may have to turn to Polish sources to help as well.

Check out the Family Research Center for good places to start.



I have not covered this and should since we get a lot of requests for this. Best basic resources for medals & medal identification:


Imperial German Orders, Medals & Decorations:


David Danner's Military Collectibles: - New Link to Come Soon!


These next few websites are vendors of medals. They maybe able to help you if you give them a picture and even quote you the value of them. I refer to them often:




Liverpool Medal Company:


The medals vendors maybe able to tell you good places to turn to for uniform and sword research.

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