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Jan - December

As per December Russian army command received assistance from a team from the Anglo Allied Army to manage the Russian army. Generaal Marco Bijl will act for the time being as Chief of Staff while Juergen Kraut will act as staff adjutant and webmaster. The complete Russian website is now up to date again and the following changes were made:

  • The Order Of Battle have been made somewhat smaller. The principle units are now the VIII infantry and the IV cavalry corps. All other units are disbanded. We believe a smaller OOB, but with more officers in each corps, will create a better esprit du corps.
  • An officers list is added to the menu under officers. This is an automatically generated list from the NWC DOR system. As a consequence the points data mentioned in each officers records in the OOB is no longer maintained (and no longer displayed). These figures can now be found in the officers list. Some visual changes are made to the OOB pages for better display.
  • The Guard page is redone and listed under officers.
  • All not active officers are moved to the veterans/ retired officers section.
  • All 2012 news is moved to a special 2012 news page.
  • Missing and broken links are repaired.
  • All officers have the correct ranks again (in DOR and on army Website), based on their points.

The private section.
The following officers are assigned to different units because of the changes in the OOB:

General-Feldmarshal Alexandr Zaytsev -->; becomes commander of VIII corps.

General-leytenant Bill Cann -->; commander 27th Inf Division.

Mayor Paul Siragusa -->; Malorossia grenadier regiment (3rd brig, 2nd Gren div)

Podporuchik Lev Radushkevich -->; Lithuania Uhlan Regiment

Podporuchik Maurizio del Rosso -->; Vilna Infantry Regiment

Mayor Petr Michalek -->; Siberia Grenadier Regiment

End of report.

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