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Welcome to the headquarters of the Imperial Guard, an honary corps within the Grande Armee. Appointment to la Garde is offered in recognition of outstanding, sustained achievement in battle and in service to the empire.

Commandant de la Garde Impériale:

Maréchal Jeff Bardon
Prince de Wagram et Duc de Castiglione

Légion d'honneur 1Légion d'honneur 2Légion d'honneur 3Légion d'honneur 4Légion d'honneur (100 jours)Légion d'honneur Grand CommandeurLégion d'honneur etoile de commandeurLégion d'honneur grand Commandeur etoileGrand Croix Ordre de la Reunion medaille militaireetoile militairevaleur militaireaigle imperial2siciles 2e classe2siciles 1re classeGrandiose croix de triompheConfederation du Rhintrainer awardcarabine d'honneur

La Jeune Garde Qualifications for appointment to La Jeune Garde:
22 Victory Points and 400 Administrative Points
Upon appointment to the Young Guard, an officer is granted the title of Baron de l'Empire. The proper form of his signature is then Baron. With further seniority, an officer may advance in the Imperial nobility to the rank of Comte de l'Empire, with nominal lordship over a city or region.
La Moyenne Garde Qualifications for appointment to La Moyenne Garde:
32 Victory Points and 600 Administrative Points
Officers advancing to the Middle Guard, and/or attaining the rank of General or Marechal may receive the title of Duc de l'Empire, with a geographic honorific commemorating a French Revolutionary or Imperial Victory.
La Vieille Garde Qualifications for appointment to la Vielle Garde:
45 Victory Points and 800 Administrative Points
Officers advancing to Old Guard, and/or commanders of Armies or Corps, may be granted the title of Grand Duc. The ultimate honor in the Imperial nobility, earned only the Emperor's most distinguished warriors, is the title of Prince de l'Empire.

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