The Guards Challenge I Tournament 2003


The final ongoing game in the Guards Challenge Tournament (Battleground game #2) has been declared a draw due to the tournament deadline coming up. This does of course mean that the Guards officers of the Anglo-Allied Army have prevailed over their French opponents and the tournament is won! Congratulations to all involved for playing in such a good spirit.



Battleground Games:

1)AA: General Majoor Geert van Uythoven / Lieutenant Richard Asher
French: Theron Lambert / Jon Thayer
Game no. S27: BGW Waterloo Historical (44 turns) - DRAW

2)AA: 1e Luitenant Erwin Muilwijk / Majoor Andrew Veenstra
French: General, Baron Tony Malone / Stuart Wilson
PTW Twin battles scenario #4 - DRAW

3)AA: Lieutenant Colonel Marco Bijl / Major Antony Barlow
French: GdB Dejan Zupancic / General Zbyszek Pietras
PTW - Guard Challenge Scenario (by Marco Bijl) - ALLIED VICTORY

HPS Games:

1)AA: Brig Gen Sir Rich Holland K.T. / Lt Colonel Rick Martin
French: Maréchal M. Francisco Palomo / Marechal T. Nowacki
The Alternate Hunting Davout Scenario - FRENCH VICTORY

2)AA Major General Sir Mark Nelms, K.G. / Lieutenant Colonel Sir Bob Breen, K.T.
French: Général de Brigade Comte Michael Cox de Moselle / Colonel Baron Ken Counselman
Teugen-Schaalhupt - FRENCH VICTORY

3)AA: Major General Sir Ken Jones, K.G. / Colonel D.S. Walter
French: Guillaume Aymonier Ameline / Drew Stone
Wagram Campaign - ALLIED VICTORY

4)AA: Major General Sir Jim Hall, K.G. / Majoor Marco Rietveld
French: Général Bill Peterson, Duc de Zurich, Comte de Besançon / Col Baron Papatheodorou
Battle of Borisov 15th July 1812 (NRC HPS) 40 MOVES - ALLIED VICTORY

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