The Guards Challenge II 2004/2005

Tournament co-ordinators:
French: Général de Division John Corbin / Allied: Colonel Marco Rietveld

French: 4 Major Victories
Allies: 2 Major Victories, 1 Minor Victory

The tournament will consist of 7 multi-player games as listed below (no mirror matches).
Scenarios, options and house rules can be negotiated by the teams involved.
The French officers must play the French side.
The tournament will end at the end of September 2005.

Battle #1 - NRC: SF_BorodinoNF.scn
Maréchal Jon Thayer, Comte de Vienne
1e/1er Regiment de Chasseurs à Pied de la Vieille Garde


Podpolkovnik Eugene Gulyaev
8th Corps
Général de Division Bruce Hall, Baron
2e Garde d'Honneur, Division de Cavalerie de la Jeune Garde
Polkovnik Pavel Stafa
Reserv Korpus
Turns completed: 12/52 (7:45 am) Result: Russian Major Victory (-2,932)
Report: Strong french assault was launched on both north and south extreme flanks, while kind of retreat and attempt to form a strong defensive line, anchored on terrain between fleches and Shevardino, could be seen in centre. Attackers were checked by russian counter-moves, but their columns are still strong enough to keep their advance for some more time. Anyway, the advantage in numbers is strongly with army of knyaz Kutusov now, and our valiant opponents have offered us their sword. [Stafa 20 Mar]
French Losses:     Russian Losses:
Infantry ~ 46,397 19,768 ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 12,660 6,744 ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 164 64 ~ Artillery
Leaders ~ 68 5 ~ Leaders
French Objective Points Held ~ 1,100    
Battle #2 - HPS-CE: alt_04a_eckmuhl.scn (campaign variant of Hunting Davout)
Général de Brigade Stuart Wilson, Comte de Montpelier
2e Brigade de la 1er Division de la Jeune Garde


Colonel Bob Breen K.T.
1st (The King's) Dragoon Guards
Maréchal M. Francisco Palomo, Comte de Marseille, Duc de Abrantes
Division de Cavelerie de la Vielle Garde
Colonel Rick Martin
2nd Dragoon Guards (Queen's Bays)
Turns completed: 28/44 (1:45pm) Result: French Major Victory (-2738)
Report:  At 12:45 PM the centerpiece of the Austrian operational plan was launched: a determined assault by the consolidated army against the Allied forces in and around Offenstetten. This assault surprised the vanguard of St. Hillaire’s Dv. as it was entering the field on the left of Pz. August’s 1st Bav Dv, inflicting heavy casualties on both those formations and Wrede’s 2nd Bav Dv, South of Offenstetten. Over the next hour a bloody struggle ensued punctuated by repeated attacks and counter-attacks. In this confused, hand-to-hand fighting four Bavarian batteries and two supply wagons were captured, along with Generals Lorencez, Preysing, St. Hillaire, Beckers and Rechberg as they strove to rally their men to the colors and hold the line East of Offenstetten. Despite their initial success, however, by 1:45 PM the Austrian attack was spent, literally at the gates of Offenstetten. Though bowed, the Allied forces had held the line.

With the army’s grenadier reserve pinned at Bachl by Morand’s Dv and St. Sulspice’s cuirassiers, coupled with the imminent arrival in its rear of Friant’s and Gudin’s divisions, fresh from the destruction of the 4th AK, all hope of victory vanished for the Austrians. At 1:45 PM the guns were stilled as couriers crossed the lines to discuss the terms of surrender for the Armee v. Osterreich.

My thanks to our esteemed opponents, Colonels Breen and Martin, and to my partner, GdBg Wilson, for an extremely enjoyable encounter, marked by the highest levels of sportsmanship and camaraderie. Over the course of the game a lively correspondence ensued on various aspects of both the HPS engine and Napoleonic tactics in general which both informed and broadened my own appreciation of these topics. [Palomo 23 Apr]

French Losses:     Austrian Losses:
Infantry ~ 17826 30756 ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 7463 7639 ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 28 115 ~ Artillery
Leaders ~ 7 21 ~ Leaders
Battle #3 - HPS-CE: A04 Hunting Davout, 19th April 1809
Maréchal Drew Stone, Duc d'Hanau et Prince d'Abensberg
Commandant de la Garde Impériale


Feldmarschall-Leutnant Philip Roubaud
Frisch Grenadier Battalion
Général de Division Theron Lambert, Comte d'Angers
2e/1e Grenadiers à Pied de la Vieille Garde
Major Antony Barlow
4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards
Turns completed: 26/44 Result: French Major Victory (-305)
Progress Report: Contact was made early on on our right flank between advance elements of each army and we continued our advance through Hausen and Teugn as the French cavalry screen withdrew.  With time our right wing may have been able to advance on Saal, but the tournament deadline prevented this possibility. On our left on the approaches to Abensberg we encountered a skilful ambush followed by disengagement & retreat of the French forces. We occupied Abensberg and our advance further north was progressing until the French sprang another devastating ambush against our left.  In our centre we had a large force advancing towards Unter Schambach, but it was repulsed by a larger French force. Congratulations to our French opponents on their well deserved victory. [Barlow 25 Sep]
French Losses:     Austrian Losses:
Infantry ~ 3012 14355 ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 3231 1425 ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 1 18 ~ Artillery
Leaders ~ 1 12 ~ Leaders
French Objective Points Held ~ 600 850 ~ Austrian Objective Points Held
Battle #4 - HPS CPW: 8A6 Tale of Two Armies
Maréchal Tomasz Nowacki, Duc de la Moskowa, Comte de Liege
Division d'Infanterie de la Vieille Garde


Lieutenant General Ken Jones K.G.
2nd Regiment of Life Guards
Maréchal Jeff Bardon, Duc de Castiglione, Comte de Toulouse
Commandant de la Vieille Garde
Generalmajor Scott Ludwig
3. Infanterie-Brigade
Turns completed: 16/48 Result: French Major Victory (-774)
Report: Scott Ludwig and myself have capitulated to M. Bardon and Nowacki in a big battle at Wagram. It really wasn't much of a fight... as the fog lifted, the Austrians were caught retreating to the heights above Wagram. They suffered badly on the left flank. Then Mr. Ludwig was called away from the front. Left to my own devices I attacked the French as they advanced aroudn Aderklaa. Bloody combat ensued but the French broke through and captured the town. Upon his return, Mr. Ludwig opted to attempt a withdrawal rather than continuing the fight at Aderklaa. The French took advantage of the retreat and dealt the Austrians a blow from which they did not recover. On the far right, the Austrians were further hampered by the fixed nature of several divisions.
The Austrians did, however, have success in the center with a strong counterattack and managed to hold the stream and village of Baumerstaff on the far left against the French invaders. The counterattack was too late, however, and the Archduke ordered negotiations to commence.
Congratulations to Marshals Bardon and Nowacki. Salute.  (Jones 8 April]
French Losses:     Austrian Losses:
Infantry ~ 22,578 33,557 ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 3,547 6,842 ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 19 108 ~ Artillery
Leaders ~ 1 13 ~ Leaders
French Objective Points Held ~ 4,750 1,750 ~ Austrian Objective Points Held
Battle #5 - HPS-CE: C03 Second Day at Abensberg, 20 April 1809
Général Dean Beecham
1er Brigade, 3e Div, Armée du Nord


Mayor Martin Butaš
Artileriyskiy Reserv Diviziya
Général Bill Peterson, Duc de Zurich, Comte de Besançon
2e Régiment de Grenadiers à Cheval, Cavalerie de la Vieille Garde
Lieutenant Colonel Tim Goodwin
5th Regiment of Dragoon Guards
Turns completed: 48/48 Result: Austrian Minor Victory [1162]
Progress Report: Thanks to all concerned for an excellent game with an incredibly close finish. Final part of the battle centred on the "Steinberg" hill, value 500 points, this objective changed hands at least half a dozen times over the last few turns with ordered cavalry repeatedly dislodging the other side's disordered horsemen from the summit. On the last turn a small Austrian infantry square managed to occupy the top of the hill and withstand the furious French cavalry charges to claim a minor victory by the narrowest of margins. [Goodwin 29 Sep]
French Losses:     Austrian Losses:
Infantry ~ 41686 44944 ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 3463 5987 ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 102 25 ~ Artillery
French Objective Points Held ~ 1000 500 ~ Austrian Objective Points Held
Battle #6 - NIR: Borodino - Kutuzov turns to fight, 7 September 1812
Général de Brigade Richard Barrett, Comte de Brienne
1er Compagnie d'Artillerie de la Garde


Major General Tony Dobson K.T.
Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards
Colonel Cliff Douglas, Comte de Lille
les Mameluks de la Garde, Division de Cavalerie de la Vieille Garde
General der Infanterie Andreas von Naujoks
1. Infanterie-Brigade
Turns completed: 11/48 Result: French Major Victory
Report:  The Generals of the Empire of France were the victors.  The allied generals surrendered on the 11th turn of the game.

The tactical command of the left and right wings of the french army, commanded by Général de Brigade Richard Barrett, Comte de Brienne.  The tactical command of the Center was commanded by General de Brigade Cliff Douglas, Comte de Lille

The basic plan was of the French was to draw as many Russians across the river and to the French right wing as possible to leave the Center of the Russian line weak where the main attack was to be pursued.

The left wing of the French army pinned strong forces of the Russian army across the river and made a feint against crossing the upper reaches of the river to get behind the Allied line. This attack caused the Russians to commit vast amounts of troops in that area which they then counter attacked with while French forces defended in good positions. At the end of the game Russians forces were still being committed to that area which was part of the French plan to get them to commit as much as possible in that area. The French were in a strong defensive position.

The right wing well exceeded our expectations as General Barrett crushed the Russian left with a well developed assault that was rolling up the Russian line and causing the Russians to commit their main reserves. The commitment of the Russian reserves well fit into our plan as this left the center vastly weak for the main assault.

The Center was much as expected, a slugfest. Attack and Counter attack were the order of the day and the loses on both side were staggering. The Calvary of both sides made charge after charge and the infantry slugged their way up the hills and thru the valleys. As the French gained the position of the ridge line of the first hill, the artillery was emplaced to continue covering the assault. The Russians took blow after blow from the French forces and at the end of the game the Center had broken open. The Calvary took a terrible pounding on both sides and the Russians counterattack successfully several times when the zeal of the French Calvary took them to far in the assault.

The day was ours, the Russians realized that they were beaten and surrendered. [Douglas 6 Aug]
French Losses:     Russian Losses:
Infantry ~ 22750+ 36000+ ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 10625+ 11000+ ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 21 180+ ~ Artillery
Leaders ~ 38 34+ ~ Leaders
French Objective Points Held ~ 2000+ - ~ Russian Objective Points Held
Battle #7 - PTW: Guards Challenge Scenario (by Marco Bijl)
Maréchal Tony Malone, Baron
1/1er Voltigeurs de la Jeune Garde


Major Peter Robinson
3rd (Prince of Wales's) Dragoon Guards
Général de Brigade Douglas Fuller
7e Div, Armée du Nord
Colonel Marco Bijl
2e Guides te Paard
Turns completed: 8/30 Result: Allied Major Victory
French Losses:     Allied Losses:
Infantry ~ 9850 4625 ~ Infantry
Cavalry ~ 3400 2550 ~ Cavalry
Artillery ~ 8 6 ~ Artillery
Leaders ~ 13 1 ~ Leaders
Report:  In a move that Wellington would have been proud of, the entire Allied line shifted east beyond the French right which Colonel Bijl rapidly overwhelmed with his numerically superior forces. Meanwhile two divisions on the French left engaged what turned out to be two light battalions. Despite our opponents' valiant struggle, by the time they had appreciated our plan Colonel Bijl had decimated the French flank and was preparing to envelope the remaining enemy whose attack on our central battery had floundered.  A great battle. Thanks to Marco and our opponents.  (Robinson 6 Jul)

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