The Guards Challenge III Tournament 2006-7

Tournament co-ordinators:
French: Maréchal Drew Stone, Duc d'Hanau et Prince d'Abensberg / Allied: Generaal-majoor Marco Rietveld

The tournament will consist of 6 multi-player games as listed below.
Scenarios, options and house rules can be negotiated by the teams involved.
The French officers must play the French side.
The tournament will end at ....

Battle #1 -  (HPS Waterloo) 021.QB_Ligny_v3.scn (Quatre Bras & Ligny - d'Erlon, Bulow May Fight, June 16, 1815)
Maréchal Drew Stone, Duc d'Hanau et Prince d'Abensberg
Commandant de la Garde Impériale


Brigadier General Ed Blackburn
 3rd Bn / 1st Regiment of Foot Guards
Général Theron Lambert, Comte d'Angers et Duc de Montereau
Division de Cavalerie de la Moyenne Garde
Lieutenant Colonel Antony Barlow
4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards
Turns completed: 17/36 Result: French Major Victory

Report: Congratulations to Lambert and Stone.  A hard fought but well deserved victory. [3 Sep]

Battle #2 -  (HPS Eckmuhl) Battle of Eckmuhl (eck4p2 modified) - Mirror Match
Maréchal M. Francisco Palomo, Prince d'Essling, Grande Duc d'Abrantes et Comte de Marseille
Division de Cavelerie de la Vielle Garde


Field Marshall Ken Jones K.G.
2nd Regiment of Life Guards
Maréchal Tomasz Nowacki, Duc de la Moskowa, Comte de Liege
Chasseurs à Cheval de la Vielle Garde
Lt. General Mark Nelms K.G.
1st Bn / 1st Regiment of Foot Guards
Turns completed: 1st game: 19/54. 2nd game: 29/54 Result: French Major Victory
Report: We are fighting a modified version of the Battle of Eckmuhl. To balance the scenario, a French Dv was removed and all the Austrians were released.

The 1st battle (French playing French side) has ended with an Austrian surrender after FML von Vincent's Dv/ 6th AK was crushed South of Schierling at 9:15 AM (19/54 Turns) and the counter-attack by St. Julien's Dv/3rd AK North of the Kloster Berg was bloodily repulsed. The late arrival of Hiller's 6th AK allowed the French to defeat en detaille the Left Flank of the Austrian Army, fatally compromising their position. [Paco 3 Jun]

For the re-match, the teams switched sides. The engagement quickly developed into two separate battles. On the one hand the Aus 1st, 2nd & 1st Res Armee Korps launched a converging assault on Davout's III Corps & Lannes' Provisional Corps. This front spanned from Ergelstatten/Pisenhofen to Dinzling. Simultaneously, the II, VII (Bavarian), VIII (Wuttemberg) and 2nd Dv/IV Corps attacked the Aus 3rd & 4th AK on a front running from Paring to Nieder Leierndorf to Schierling.

In the Northern Battle, the 1st Res AK surprised Lannes Prov Corps as it debauched from the woods onto the plateau West of Dinzlig, inflicting heavy casualties on it before it could deploy and driving it back into the woods. Once it had managed to retreat West of the woods, however, Lannes corps was able to rally in and about the Stein Berg. Aided by repeated charges by the 1st and 2nd Heavy Cav Dvs., a solid defensive line was finally established, albeit at the cost of massive casualties to the French mounted arm. Meanwhile Davout's troops were being steadily ground down by the deliberate assaults of the 1st and 2nd AK. With the bulk of the French cav in this sector detached to support Lannes, the dam finally burst at around 10 AM. All but one Bg (which had been detached to turn the 1st Res' flank and seize Dinzlig) was destroyed. The victorious 1st & 2nd AK then swept SE to come upon the rear of Lannes's position. Although Nansouty's 1st Heavy Cav was dispatched to Saalhapt to block the Austrian advance, they could do little in the face of the Austrian bataillion masse formations, intermixed with artillery protected by squares.

In the Southern battle, the 3rd AK took its stand on the ridge East of Paring while the 4th AK occupied the plateau SE of Paring down to the Acht Berg. The attack by the Bavarians was stopped by the 3rd AK with such heavy losses, that most of the Bavarians routed away, enabling the 3rd AK to go over to the attack. The 4th AK, however, fared much worse in its fight against the II & VIII Corps. Faced with an overwhelming French cavalry superiority, the 4th AK relied on establishing interlocking strongpoints of squares supported by artillery, with bns deployed in line in between the squares. Its Left Flank, however, was unsecured, so the French simply kept turning its flank with cavalry and then charging in to isolate its units. In this fashion, the 1st Dv/4th AK was eliminated South of the Acht Berg, followed by the 2nd Dv/4th AK on the plateau SE of Paring. As the 4th AK was eliminated, the 3rd AK was assailed from the South by the rallied VII, from the East by the victorious II & VIII and from the West by the 2nd Dv/IV. The 3rd Dv/6th AK arrived at 10 AM and quickly crushed the Bg garrisoning Schierling, but it could do nothing to save the 3rd AK. Nonetheless, both the 3rd & 4th AK died very hard, inflicting horrific casulaties on their attackers, particularly amongst the numerous cavalry arrayed against them.

As of 11:45 AM, Turn 29 of 54, the French had secured both Paring and Dinzling and destroyed the 3rd & 4th AK, but this was counterbalanced by the destruction of Davout's IIIC and the massive casualties inflicted on the remainder. Casualties: Inf- 65,691F/64,279A; Cav - 18,188 F/ 8,328 A; Arty - 70 F/ 169 A; Leaders - 54 F/ 37 A. Total Points: 3,468 - Aus Major Victory. [Paco 21 Oct]

Battle #3 -  (HPS Eckmuhl) Second Day at Abensberg
Chef de Battalion Paul Pratt
5ème Division, II Corps, Armee du Nord


Generaal-majoor Marco Rietveld
Guards Commander, Anglo-Allied Army
Maréchal Baron John Corbin, Duc de Paive
Division de Cavalerie de la Jeune Garde
General-Mayor Martin Butaš
Artileriyskiy Reserv Diviziya
Turns completed: 15 Result: Austrian Major Victory
Total Points: 1558
French / Allied
Infantry: 2779 / 6180
Cavalry: 1053 / 29
Artillery: 70 / 5
Leaders: 1 / 1
Battle #4 -  (HPS Waterloo) Twin Battles
Maréchal Bruce Hall, Comte d'Artois et Duc d'Arcole
Brigade de Lanciers de la Moyenne Garde


General-Mayor Anton Kosyanenko
 Eyo Imperatorskogo Velichestva Leib-Kirassirskogo polku
Maréchal Drew Stone, Duc d'Hanau et Prince d'Abensberg
Commandant de la Garde Impériale
General-leytenant Jeka Gulyaev
Leib-gvardii Semenovskiy Polk
Turns completed: Current Status:
Report: (Using MOEIII options and rules)
Battle #5 -  (Talonsoft PTW) "Guards"(PTW)
Général de Brigade Ramon Cipressi, Duc de Champaubert et Comte de Nantes
2eme Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval de la Vielle Garde


Colonel Tim Goodwin
5th Regiment of Dragoon Guards
Maréchal Zbyszek Pietras, Duc de Danzig, Comte de Bourges
1er Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval, Vieille Garde
Lieutenant Colonel Peter Robinson
Royal Horse Guards Blue
Turns completed: 12 Current Status: Result: French Major Victory
Battle #6 -  (Talonsoft PTW) Guard Challenge Scenario (by Marco Bijl)
Maréchal Richard Barrett, Duc de Ligny et Comte de Brienne
1er Compagnie d'Artillerie de la Vieille Garde


Field Marshall Jim Hall K.G.
1st Regiment of Life Guards
Général Stuart Wilson, Comte de Montpelier
3eme Régiment de Chasseurs à Pied de la Moyenne Garde
Captain Jon Graswich
1st Bn / Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards
Turns completed: 5/30 Current Status: -382 Allied Minor Victory
French / Allied
Inf 4775 / 3225
Cav 1050 / 400
Guns 23 / 0
Leaders 3 / 4
[20 Oct]

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