by Capitaine Bill Peterson
1ère Division de Cuirassiers
Ier Corps de Réserve de Cavalerie
Armée du Nord

French Cuirassier armor

This "back-to-school" time of the year, in American education, traditionally calls for an essay on the topic of What I Did On My Summer Vacation. An observant reader will quickly discern in which verdant country your Editor spent his vacation, shooting some 800 photographs and filling his CD player with the local revolutionary, anti-English music:

'Tis the Rising of the Moon,
'Tis the Rising of the Moon,
And Hurrah! me boys, for freedom,
'Tis the Rising of the Moon!

I have beefed-up the music content in this issue; besides the MIDIs and lyrics in the NWC Songbook, you will find music buttons in my feature article and accompanying the Dispatches for each Army. The tunes are meant to add atmosphere and enjoyment; if you don't like them, please hasten to punch the "x" on the MIDI player. I have also added larger images in place of the customary flags at the head of some of the Dispatches. I'd like to hear your opinions of these changes, and suggestions toward making the NWC Newsletter what you want it to be.

A confession: I'm having so much fun editing this rag that some (not all!) evenings I'm glad to have all my game files done, so I can get back to polishing-up such-and-such an article! [Note to my game opponents: This does not mean that I want you to slow down your file-return rate!!] Thanks again to the Right Honorable Sir Kenneth Jones for coaxing and coaching me along.

Students, let's have a good year. Now, tell me what you did on your summer vacations!

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