Austrian Grenadiers Attacking, 1809

Berichte den Kaiserlich-Königliche Österreichische Armee

Nagolico, a Slovene folk tune

The Austrian Army won a Major victory at Eylau among others. We have 3 new recruits since the last Newsletter.

Gary McClellan has been promoted to Oberst in recognition of field ability and articles for the Newsletter. [A wise policy, encouraging and rewarding literary and intellectual endeavors by officers. Other Army Commanders, take note! Ed.]

Stephane Chicouri continues his meteoric rise and has now reached Oberst.

Sam Orlando is soon to put up a page for II Korps so that those recruits still waiting for a command may be assigned their new destinations.

Austrian Infantryman

Austrian Infantryman. Original artwork by Keith Rocco,

We have many officers active in the field playing 3 or more games for which we hope to report more major victories soon.

Our Army continues to grow faster than our administrative abilities, but let's hope the Christmas break will see some better organisation, historically not one of the strong points of the Austrians. Due to PC problems the MP game against the French has been held up just as we were wiping the floor with their noses!

Long live the Holy Roman Empire!

FML Dermot Quigley
Austrian C-in-C