Prussian Foot Guards in Action

Bekanntmachung den Königliche Preussichen Armee
Dispatches of the Prussian Army
November '01

(Prussian Army News)

Morgen Marschieren Wir

The Prussian Army this past month has witnessed a tremendous event. General de Kavallerie Stefan Ritter von Reuter has surpassed the 1000 point mark. He is the first officer to do so within the Prussian Army and we are all extremely proud of him.

Herr General von Reuter was asked to say a few words in recounting his career, and here is what he had to say:

In Service for Prussia

Some years ago after a long career at "Leadeaters" I got a few messages from Jean-Marie Barbier. He asked me to join the NWC and his French III Corps. I agreed and saw my first fights as Officer of the 6ème Hussards. A few month later my homecountry Prussia called me to change the sides and to serve our King. It was no easy decision because I like the French forces (still yet) but I was meaning that it may be better to fight for my home than for the Emperor. An other "real world" reason was that there are much more French than Allied officers.

So I left the French side with best wishes of JMB and took over command of the 1. Cavalry-Brigade of the Prussian I. Corps. Now I saw a row of wonderful victories and a few not so wonderful defeats. One of my most famous victories was on the field of Waterloo in which my British Light Dragoons capturing Napoleon in Turn 5. For this success I was rewarded with the Knights Cross and the title "Ritter von..." In Prussia we have not as much titles and medals like in France.

I crossed my sword with some French officers in the past years. Most of them are very honourable like Maréchal Jeff Bardon or Général Tomasz Nowacki (both are my most feared opponents) and some other. A few officers had not much knowledge of honour. Till now I won 26 of my 38 battles, 23 with a major victory. I think I cannot expect more and hope to serve to my country and to my king for the future as well as in the past.

A few years ago General Naujoks took over the position of the Chief-of-Staff of our army. Since this time I'm in command of our proud I Korps. Shortly after this date I saw myself in command of our Military Academy as well. I try to tell our young recruits what they have to expect on the battlefield from French officers and how to fight with honour for Prussia.

General der Kavallerie
Ritter von Reuter
I. Armeekorps
Armee des Niederrhein

We fervently hope that Herr General Ritter von Reuter will continue to lead our army to glorious victory and to renewed growth.

Prussian Victory Medal

In other Army news, Prussian officers continue to rack up victories for our Austrian Allies at Eckmuhl. Leading the way is Oberst Bram Stein with seven major victories.

Our little army is continuing its slow and patient growth. We continue to graduate our cadets and look forward to their future victories.


It was with great honour and privilege, in the name of the Honourable Feldmarschall Michael W. Gjerde, himself a servant of our revered King, Friedrich Wilhelm III, sovereign of Prussia and protector of Germany, that the Prussian Army offered promotions to the following officers for gallantry in the face of the enemy and for furthering the glory of Prussia.
God save the King and Fatherland.

November 1st, 1801.

Verleihung von Auszeichnungen
(Presentation of Orders and Medals)

The Prussian Army has presented the following awards:

Orden das Schwarzen Adler
Orden den Schwarzen Adler

With so many glorious victories (26 with 23 majors) and so much contribution to the Fatherland and the Army (over 1000 points, Commander of I Korps, Commandant of the Military School) and having achieved some of our highest awards (Pour le Mérite, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Max Joseph Order), General de Kavallerie Stefan Ritter von Reuter is an obvious candidate to the exclusive Order of the Black Eagle. Herr von Reuter joins such auspicious company as Herr General von Naujoks and Herr General Peters. Prussia is very proud of this gallant officer and shows its appreciation by bestowing upon him the most distinguished order.

Sachsen-Ernestinischer Haus-Orden
(Ernestine House Order)

The medals of Prussia's allies in the Wars of Liberation are used to denote battlefield achievement in theatres where the officer does not command Prussian troops (Russia, Austria, Spain etc.) To this end, the following officers are hereby awarded the Ernestine House Order of the Saxon Duchies for completing victories while at the head of foreign troops:

Sankt Heinrichs-Militär-Orden
(Military Order of St. Henry)

In a similar vein to the Ernestine House Order, this military order of Saxony is presented to an officer on attaining his seventh victory while commanding foreign troops. The Prussia Army is proud to announce that its rising star, Generalmajor Stein is to receive this award for achieving his seventh victory in Austria.

Gemusterte Rekruten
(New Recruits)

The following are in training and will soon join our glorious army and contribute to its many victories:

Prussian Trumpeter in Action

Prussian Trumpeter in Action

Für Korps und Vaterland!
Gott Schütze Armee und Vaterland!
Vorwärts meine Kinder!


Feldmarschall Michael Wolf Gjerde
Kommandeur Preussens Gloria
Das Heer des Niederen Rhein

Generalmajor Rob Hamper
Acting Chief of Staff