Russian Cavalry at Borodino Russian Coat of Arms

2nd Zapadnaya Armiya
(Second Army of the West)

Borodino, by Leontov


Tsar Alexander is pleased to announce the promotion of Polkovnik Rubén López to the position of Russian COA in place of the retiring Generalmajor Karl Schneider. Prior to his promotion, Polkovnik López was the able commandant of the Militia and oversaw the training of new recruits. He has proven himself an excellent leader and has assembled the following staff to assist him in his duties:


Russian 5-Kopek coin, 1804

Russian Army strength has grown to 44 active officers since the last newsletter. The following recruits have completed training and received their command assignments:

7th Pekhotnyi Korpus (7th Infantry Corps):
8th Pekhotnyi Korpus (8th Infantry Corps):
4th Kavaleriyskiy Korpus (4th Cavalry Corps):
Militia (still in training):
The Shining Moon
Russian Standard 1803 Russian Guards Standard 1813


Russian arms continued to enjoy success on the battlefield. Since the last dispatch, Russian officers have posted eight major victories and one minor victory.


Order of St. Vladimir
1. General-Major Karl Schneider

Awarded the Order of St. Vladimir, 1st class in recognition of his 2 ˝ years of service as Russian CoA. General-Major Schneider will remain with the army with a line command.

2. Polkovnik Rubén Lopez
Pour le Mérite

The first Russian officer to be awarded the Prussian Pour le Mérite with oak leaves.

7th Pekhotnyi Korpus

1. Podpolkovnik Ray White

Promoted to Podpolkovnik.

Major victory in game #Q311 – PTW There is Grouchy (16 turns).

2. Kapitan Alexandre Vodusskii

Promoted to Kapitan.

Major victory in game #Q158 – PTW scenario 3 – Quatre Bras (19 turns). Allied losses: 7,125 Inf., 850 Cav., 3 Guns, 1 Leader (GdB). French Losses: 16,925 Inf., 4,375 Cav., 48 Guns, 27 Leaders (7 GdD, 7 GdB, 13 Col).

Major victory in game #Q504 (PTW - Quatre Bras, 12 turns).

Order of St. Anne
3. Poruchik Andy Moss

Promoted to Poruchik.

Major victory in game #Q589 (NIR - Raevskii's Redoubt, 10 turns).

Major victory in game #Q410 (NIR, 20 turns).

Awarded the General Service Medal for his first victory against the enemy.

Awarded the Order of St. Anne, 4th Class for his first major victory in a large scenario commanding Russian troops (NIR or Eylau).

8th Pekhotnyi Korpus

1. Poruchik Alan Lipa

Promoted to Poruchik

Minor victory playing the French in game #Q195 – Grouchy's Victory (17 turns).

2. Podporuchik Martin Johnston

Major victory in game #Q620 (NIR - Kutuzov Turns to Fight, 4 turns).

4th Kavaleriyskiy Korpus

Russian Artillery at Borodino
1. General-Major Juan Pablo Da Cruz

Promoted to General-Major.

Major victory in game #GAME Q478 – Quatre Bras (24 turns) Promoted to Polkovnik.

Major victory in game #216 – BGW The Main Assault Begins (10 turns)

2. Podporuchik Andy Lane

Promoted to Podporuchik.


General-Major Karl Schneider
Chief of Staff
2 Zapadnaya Armiya CoA

Russian Council of War