The satisfaction of serving as Editor increases in proportion to the enthusiasm and generosity of contributors. By that measure, this is one doggone satisfying issue! Whether one imbibes from the barrel of "Barrett's Pure Genius Guinness" or gazes in awe upon the mighty works of the officers of the Royal Netherlands Army, it is clear that multi-talented members of our club are giving greatly of their time and effort to educate and entertain us all. Bravo! Encore!

About the only thing I could have wished for was another Battle Narrative, to stand alongside the effort by myself and Guillaume Aymonier-Ameline. Well, that and another installment of the Unit History of La Brave 32ème.French Cuirassier Officer And, a continuation of the alternate world history of Some Desperate Glory. And, some in-depth discussion of the Eckmühl engine. And, reviews of the myriad variants and scenarios recently produced. "Amongst my wishes are such diverse elements as...., ...., ...., surprise, fear, and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope." (viz. Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Spanish Inquisition sketch.)

All right, you potential authors out there: Make my day!

Bill Peterson

French Cuirassier Officer
Original artwork by Keith Rocco