French Horses Stabled in a Russian Cathedral

French horses stabled in a Russian Cathedral

Chant de Guerre de l'Armée du Rhin (la Marseillaise)
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Bulletins de l'Armée du Rhin

Soldats de l'Empire et de l'Armée du Rhin, Attention!

herald herald


Spring has come and we have two things awaiting us -- apart from the annual spring/summer campaign, in which we tour round the continent, showing how it's done...

First of all; the website of La Grande Armée and the website of l'Armée du Rhin are being reconstructed, bringing the sites back to "normal" status. Col. Titchen has the honour of reconstruting the Grande Armée website.

Secondly; we have an upcoming tournament to start 1 April. I hope many of you have teamed up two by two, and I expect/hope one of AdR's teams will win, and that all of our teams will perform with honour.

Commission Commission


French Command Group

The following officers have been promoted during this month, to the following ranks, and shall enjoy all privileges and pay associated therewith:

Eagle Eagle

Promotions in La Garde Impériale

medal medal

Orders, Decorations, & Medals

Ordre de l'Ecole

The following officers have been awarded various medals etc. for achievements and merits:

Ordre de l'Ecole:

Ordre du Commandeur de l'Ecole

Ordre du Commandeur de l'Ecole medal:

Limbered 8-pounder
Médaille Militaire

Médaille Militaire:

Ordre du Conféderation du Rhin

Ordre du Conféderation du Rhin:

Attack on Hougoumont
Ordre de la Couronne de Fer

Ordre de la Couronne de Fer:

8ème Hussards
Military Star

Military Star:

C'est à boire qu'il nous faut (anthem of the 2ème Division de Cuirassiers)

C'est à boire qu'il nous faut,
anthem of the 2ème Division de Cuirassiers

Croix de la Valeur Militaire

Valour Cross:

French Infantry, 1804-07

Congratulations to them all, and

Vive la France!

Général Louis-Nicholas Davout
Comte de Rouen - Duc d'Auerstadt
Grenadiers à Pied de la Vieille Garde
Commander - Armée du Rhin

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