Speed the Plough (Quick March of the Suffolk Regiment, 12th Foot)
Royal Horse Artillery

Anglo Dutch Dispatch

British 6-pounder

Greetings gentlemen and welcome to the Anglo-Dutch Dispatch. Don't forget that we have our quite unique London Gazette, which is updated regularly with all our Armies' news and information. On the tournament front we have the very interesting MP Challenge devised by our ADC Colonel Ian Travers, more to come on this from Ian very soon I hope! We have had a couple of new members start their training over the past two months, welcome gentlemen, which has alleviated my fears over membership … please continue badgering friends and relatives and get them to look at OUR club. That is it for now chaps; it remains for me to wish you all a great Spring's gaming!!


Portuguese Standards

This has been everybody's favourite subject over the past couple of months …LOL.
Here is a list of the Anglo-Allied new rank structure.

As you can see there is a significant change to the higher ranks especially, this change was deemed necessary to enable us to embrace new game systems and to help the “more chiefs than Indians” complex that was developing.


The rank of Colonel can only be passed by an officer in Brigade/Division/Corps command or by an officer with an admin role within the club.

HMS Victory and other Men-of-War

HMS Victory and other Men-of-War

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce the following promotions, decorations and commissions.

God save King George!!

William Pitt


The following Ensigns have successfully completed their training and passed out from the RMA to the following regiments:


George by the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith. To our Trusty and well beloved Officers Greetings. We reposing especial trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage, and good conduct, do by these Presents Constitute and appoint you to be an Officer of Our Land Forces from this date forward. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge your duty as such in the Rank of Lieutenant or such higher Rank to which We may from time to time hereafter be pleased to promote or appoint you, of which a notification will be made in the London Gazette, and you are at all times to exercise and well discipline in Arms both the Inferior Officers and Men serving under you and use your best endeavours to keep them in good Order and Discipline. And We do hereby Command them to Obey you as their superior and you to Observe and follow such Orders and Directions as from time to time you shall receive from Us or any of your superior Officers according to the Rules and Discipline of War in pursuance of the Trust hereby reposed in you. Given at Our Court at Saint James's this date in the Year of Our Reign.

By His Majesty's Command


Instead of listing promotions for this newsletter I have listed all rank changes made on the 04/02/1802.

Brunswick Hussar

Apologies to anybody I have missed out .. I have sooo many lists for these new ranks it is incredible!
Congratulations, Gentlemen, well played!

Medals and Awards

Military General Service Medal

George by the Grace of God. of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith.
Sir, I am directed to transmit to you the accompanying medal which has been conferred upon you for your services with the British Forces during service to the King against the French. In Forwarding the Decoration, I am commanded by the King to assure you of His Majesty's high appreciation of the services rendered.
I am Sir, Your obedient Servant


The following officers have received awards for their service to the club or for their battlefield endeavours:

MGSM (Military General Service Medal):



Unfortunately, I received reports from only two Divisions this newsletter; if you guys want to be considered for medals or bonus points then get your reports to your Division/Corps commanders. 2e Division Results 2e Nederlandsche Divisie Jan / Feb 1802
OfficierGameIDF/MOpponent(en)Army Battle/ScenarioTurn/TotaalResultaat
2e Lt
Q749 F Lt Sergio
du Rhin
BGW/ The main
assault begins
12/12 Allied
Q686 M Col. BW Smith
II corps
10/10 Draw
Q816 F Lt Sergio
du Rhin
6/6 Draw
Lt Col
Q222 M Eric Voogd
I Corps
PTW No.21
Quatre-Bras AOW
20/28 French
Still to
M Lt.-Col. Judson
Camp IIe
PTW/The Fifth
Division at
8/12 French Maj
Still to
M Lt.-Col. Judson
PTW, Frasnes 8/- Allied
? M Marco Bijl Armee du
nord ( ????)
Bgw/lhs 6/12 Draw

[There may be some confusion of identities here: The staff of l'Armée du Rhin will note with interest that Colonel Titchen is a Russian spy, and l'Armée du Nord welcomes the defection of Marco Bijl from the Royal Netherlands Army...ed.]

Brown Bess

And of course (in their own words)
"The Fighting Sixth"

KGL Hussar
VI Division II Corps
"The Fighting Sixth"
Field Report March 1802

I beg to present at this time the report of your loyal VIth Division, including its current actions in the field, recent promotions and distinctions, and general activities.
Two of our "dead" officers have been deleted since my last report, leaving regiments without a CO. However, due to a personal "recruiting campaign" within the ACW club by our own Bob Breen, a new cadet - Ed Blackburn – has asked to join our ranks. I am personally training Cadet Blackburn and he is no slouch in the realm of tactics. Indeed his defence during training has been admirable, and he has shown a marked willingness to ask questions and act upon them. He also posts at the RMA board, and is a friendly and keen player. He will be a valuable member of the Sixth when he completes training and joins us, and a valuable and enthusiastic member of the club.

In other news Col BW Smith has taken over as editor of the London Gazette. We wish him well in this endeavour. Col. Smith has resigned his post as a regimental officer, a course that is in line with our current thinking in the Sixth that Brigade officers should be just that. It is also my pleasure to report that Col. Smith has become the first member of the Division to be awarded our elite merit medal, and thus becomes an official "Merited Man". Well done BW! A new song – "The Soldier's Prayer" has been added to our web page. I should state here for the record that Col. Smith will be taking over the Division at the end of March, and will be in command during April/May/June, and thus the next report will come from his own tent. I shall return at the end of June, at which time we hope to run some sort of Divisional contest. We have been discussing plans for this for some time, and hope to set up something of a unique MP game. More info on this once we have finalised things.

I would like to take this opportunity in my last report for a while, to recommend Colin Gaskell of the 4th Foot 10th Brigade for an award of points from HQ, in recognition of his constantly excellent reporting, and his continued enthusiasm for all Divisional activities. Colin is a "quiet man" in the Division, never fussing, always at hand when needed, and always ahead of time with his reports. He has never failed to volunteer for any activity, and I feel his loyalty in this should be recognised. I know all Brigade CO's will support this recommendation.

I should like to thank all members of the Division for their undoubted loyalty, enthusiasm and dedication, which makes the Sixth the success it continues to be. I know the Division will be in good hands while I am away, and look forward to returning in July to news of great victories. "GIVE 'EM HELL LADS!"
God save England! God save the King!!

Brunswick Cigar Box

Brigadier-General Sir "Waffles" Henderson KG
CO. RMA, "Fighting" VIth Division Commanding

Commander's Battle Report
  1. Kutusov turns to fight MP match with Mark Nelms against Palomo/Peterson of the French Imperial Guard. A sad but not unexpected major loss, as Mark Nelms' wing collapsed under the weight of the French assault.
  2. Kutusov turns to fight MP match with Mark Nelms against Bardon and Eugene. Was going well, but Bardon has just launched a devastating cavalry assault against Mr. Nelms. Things are expected to go badly from now on…….
  3. Death in the Fleches MP with BW Smith against our own Gaskell and Dawkins. A major victory for Waffles and BW, mainly due to the excessive drink consumed by those doughty officers.
  4. Eckmuhl I Corps and IV Corps. Played against Col. BW Smith. For fun. But it wasn't! Both of us hated the system so much we agreed to abandon the match, just as my Austrians were killing all BW's men in sight. Major victory to me. (BW had not drunk enough I fear……..)
  5. QB Art of War Divisional friendly match played as Allies against Bob Breen's French. Minor Allied victory to me atm. Bob Breen continues to attack with skill and refuses to make mistakes. Damn him! It will be hard for the Allies to hold their ground as this match continues.

I have also been heavily involved helping Al Amos to test and perfect his "Zulu War" adaptation of the 1812 system. Two victories to my gallant British forces at Rorke's Drift at the last count!! My work at the RMA continues, and I have just appointed a new training officer to replace Gen. Dobson.

British Hussars 15mm

11th British Brigade: Report January 1802

General Picton

This was a very successful two months for the Mighty 11th Brigade. All members were reduced in rank due to the restructuring of the Army . The Brigade continues to excel in their battles against the enemy and look to regain the coveted "Sharpeshooter" award yet again.

Battles Completed

There were 19 battles completed since January within the Brigade.
8 Major Victories
1 Minor Victories
2 Draw (or abandoned)
4 Minor Defeats
4 Major Defeats

Colonel BW Smith 81st Regiment of Foot (Loyal Lincolnshire Volunteers)
Q264: Lt Tom Linquanti: Battle of Dresden: Major Victory
Q303: Col Bill Bellerby: PTW Multiplayer Scenario: Turn 26: Present situation major victory.
Q326: Lt Col Mark Oldfield: BGW Waterloo: Major Victory
Q489: Lt Jerry McKenzie: NIR Prevenant 11a: Turn 22: looking very good for the French (me).
Q511: Capt Rick Nettleton: BGW L'Attaque de la Guarde: Major Victory
Q534: Capt Philip Gooley: PTW Battle of Quatre Bras: Major Victory
Q575: Gen Barry Maunsell: Eckmuhl 7a: Major Defeat
Q651: Lt Jose Rodriquez: NIR Kutuzov Turns to Fight: Turn 14: The French are tiring.
Q686: Marco Rietveld: BGW D'Erlons Assault: Draw.
Q778: Capt Glenn Callaway: NIR The Final Assault: Turn 12: Looking more like a minor defeat.
Q779: Col Richard Barrett: NIR The Final Assault: Major Victory.
Q780: Marshall Jeff Bardon: PTW Ligny: Turn 8: French have crossed the stream and are advancing.
Q781: Col Jon Thayer: PTW Ligny: Minor Defeat.
Q782: Capt Mathew Dawkins: PTW Twin Battles: Minor Victory.
Q???: Ramiro Perez: NIR Kutuzov Turns To Fight: Turn 16: Russians holding well under great strain.
Q792: Capt Angelo Abruzezze: BGW The Wings Come Together: Major Victory.
Z16 : Col Stuart Wilson: BGW The Wings Come Together: 10: Prussians have the upper hand and should have a victory.
W12: Col John Thayer, Col Mark Oldfield: BGW A Great Day for a Battle: Turn 4: Early moves.
Z04 : Gen. Neil Henderson: Eckmuhl The delay at Landshut: Major Defeat.
X01 : With Gen. Henderson vs. Gaskell/Dawkins: Death in the Fleches. Major Victory.
Z51 : General Tony Dobson : "Top Cat" RMA scenario. Major Victory. (I thought we wouldn't mention this! T.D.)
Q814: Theron Lambert: BGW: The Battle of Waterloo : Turn 8 : French have been repulsed.
????: Lt Paul Johnson : NIR : Shevedardo Redoubt : Early moves
X03 : Brig Jon Thayer/Maj David Guegan : PTW : #17 The I Corps and the IV Corps : Early moves
Q575: Marshall Barry Maunsell : NIR : The battle of Sacile : The French are advancing.

Portuguese Uniforms

2nd Lieutenant Mathew Dawkins 61st Regiment of Foot (South Gloucestershire)
Q296: Lt Greg Morgan : PTW Quatre Bras : Major Defeat.
Q329: Lt Col Stuart Wilson : PTW Ligny : Nearing the end of a major victory.
Q406: Ghislain Krygier : PTW Ligny : Going quite well, similar to battle with Colonel Wilson but Ghislain has hurt my cavalry more.
Q580: Lt Marcin Mystowski : NIR Uvarovs Diversion : Minor Defeat
Q582: Lt Jose Roderiguez : NIR Uvarovs Diversion : Minor Defeat
Q???: Col Bob Breen : BGW La Guarde Attaque : Major Defeat.
Q782: Brig BW Smith : PTW Twin Battles : Minor Defeat
Q???: Lars Wistedt : PTW Master of Europe : Draw.
Q???: Lt. Jose Rodriguez: Borodino variant - I have managed to shift a large number of men southwards to cover the attack, both sides have taken heavy casualties, especially French horse and Guns.

Lieutenant Jerry McKenzie 73rd Regiment of Foot (Perthshires)
Heavy Cavalry Sword Q???: Lt Judson Titchen: NIR Kutuzov Turns To Fight: The last fleche has fallen and a single routing Russian infantry battalion ruined my massed cavalry for the long-awaited counterattack. He is trying to establish his artillery before the plateau before the Great Redoubt and is pushing with Eugene at the ford behind Gorki. His push on Utitza Hill is sputtering out and I still hold the forest between it and the fleches. Two cavalry and Platov's Cossacks and a full infantry corps are rushing to the area, 1st to stabilize and then to counterattack.
Q489: Brig BW Smith: NIR #9a Prevenant: Turn 22: Russians are holding the French from the Great Redoubt.

Ensign David Carden 78th Regiment of Foot (Ross Shire Buffs)
Nothing heard from this officer. Email address inactive. Killed in action. A new officer should be appointed.

Shako Plate

7th British Brigade:
Report February '02


1 Officer promoted:
2nd Lt Rick Nettleton to Lt


Capt Breen captured VI Division "Sharpe" Shooter Trophy in January'02


None reported

Battles Status

2 battles complete – a major victory and a loss
3 maneuvers in progress
9 battles in progress –3 current minor victories, 1 draw, 5 too soon too tell


Ensign Reagan is on active duty with the real Royal Navy.

Recruited Cadet Blackburn from the ACW – currently in training at RMA
Brigade Roster:
37th Regiment of Foot - North Hampshire – Lt. Rick Nettleton
25th Regiment of Foot - Kings Own Scottish Borderers -- Ensign M. Jon Reagan
50th Regiment of Foot - West Kent - Vacant
7th Royal Veteran Battalion – Capt. Bob Breen

Lt. Rick Nettleton
Qxxx: Eugene – PTW/Quatre Bras – an unfortunate defeat against an experienced French commander
Qxxx: Top Cat Tourney – Mark Nelms – on the last turn – a probable DRAW
Qxxx: Paul Johnson – PTW/Quatre Bras – so far, so good
Qxxx: Tim Cavallin – NIR/Kutsov Turns to Fight – early in the engagement – too soon too tell
Qxxx: Mark Rhodes – NIR/Fight for the Fleches – just getting underway
Qxxx: Mike Cox – Eckmuhl/The Battle of Sacile – initial venture on to the field of Eckmuhl – just starting
W14: With Capt Breen vs Rich Barrett and Mike Cox – PTW/Napoleon smells the coffee – turn 11 of 36 – Currently a DRAW – we are loosing infantry, the French are suffering even greater cavalry losses, but by their tactics and good fortune of our late re- enforcements we are being overwhelmed. Hard to see a victory in this one.
Qxxx: BGW – suffered a major defeat versus the computer which ate his Waterloo game disk!

Ensign M. Jon Reagan
Qxxx: Col Stuart Wilson - E01 Advance on Eylau – Turn 2 – Currently a Minor Victory

Brunswick Lion Coat-of-Arms

Capt. Bob Breen
Q683: Lt Col Jon Thayer – PTW/Ligny Unleashed – complete –Major Victory – A strong defense of the river crossings and an attack on the French left frustrated the French. French casualties at twice the historical rate relative to Prussian losses.
Q304: Lt Rich Seiler – PTW/Quatre Bras AOW – turn 22 of 28 – Currently a Minor Victory – Allies are well positioned to turn back the French assault
W14: With Capt Nettleton vs Rich Barrett and Mike Cox – PTW/Napoleon smells the coffee – turn 11 of 36 – Currently a DRAW – we are loosing infantry, the French are suffering even greater cavalry losses, but by their tactics and good fortune of our late re-enforcements we are being overwhelmed. Hard to see a victory in this one.
Z84: GdeB Jon Thayer – PTW/Twin Battles – turn 12 of 28 - Currently a Minor Victory – An intense battle is underway from Quatre Bras to the eastern edge of the map.
Z100: Capt Mike Cox – PTW/Hold at All Costs – Currently a loss, but the allies are pressing hard to retake the cross roads at QB
Z107: Col Henderson – PTW/Quatre Bras AoW – A friendly maneuver (playing French) to see if the good Col's view that QB is a "piece of cake" for the allies is really true!
(Ha! This was the historical QB I talked about! – You have me playing AOW with massive skirmisher restrictions you cunning man! But we shall see… -Waffles)

Portuguese Fortress of Elvas

10th British Brigade

Captain Mark Rhodes 22nd Foot (Cheshire)
Major Rhodes has been away on business and is therefore unable to submit a full report this month.
Q346 : Richard Davies Quatre Bras : Turn 5 : Ongoing early stages.
Q383 : Lt Thomas Koch : Quatre Bras Day 2 What If : Game terminated, agreed Draw.
Q387 : Richard Nettleton : BGW Main Assault ( Man ) : Game Ended , Major Victory
Q398 : Lt Russ Dodge : PTW Wellington to the Rescue : Turn 21 : Present Situation Major Victory
Q411 : Lt Mick Shevak : The Battle of Waterloo : Turn 11 : Present Situation Draw
Q509 : Lt Russ Dodge : The Battle of Waterloo : Turn 13 : Present Situation Draw, the Prussians have arrived.
GdB Steve Goodwin : PTW Wellington to the Rescue : Turn 12 : Present Situation Draw
Q520 : Maj Andy Chaytor : PTW Wellington to the Rescue : Turn 3 : Ongoing early stages
Q470 : Col Jon Thayer : PTW Twins Unleashed : Turn 3 : Ongoing early stages
Q501 : Richard Nettleton : Waffles Wager : Turn 6 : Present Situation Major Victory
Q502 : Jerry Mckenzie : Waffles Wager : Turn 6 : Present Situation Minor Victory

Colonel Colin Gaskell 4th Foot (King's Own)
Serial A/F Opponent GameSet Status
F Mark Rhodes BGW Live D -5
A Bruce W. Smith NIR MjD 1429
Q530 A Theron Lambert PTW Unleashed MjD 3K+
Q308 A Philip Gooley PTW
Der Grosse Angriff
Live 3565 MjD
Q223 A Cliff Douglas BGW09.
La Grande Battaille
de Waterloo
Live 4635 MjD
Q278 A Theron Lambert PTW
Der Grosse Angriff
MjD 7842
Swedish Artillery

Lt Tom O'Reilley 27th Foot (Einniskellen)
Reports no ongoing activity.

Lt John McCue 40th Foot (2nd Somersetshire)
Reports no ongoing activity. Expects to be back on the battlefield soon.

George III 1802

Officer of the Report

Colonel Colin Gaskell is awarded 10 bonus points for his work within the 6th Division. Congratulations Sir!


Brigadier General Tony Dobson K.G.
Anglo-Dutch COA
Off the coast of Tuscany, March 1802

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