Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Brandenburg

Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Brandenburg

Der Fahnrich
Iron Cross Iron Cross

Bekanntmachung den Königliche Preussichen Armee
Dispatches of the Prussian Army March '02

Standard Standard

(Prussian Army News)

2. Brandenburgisches Husaren-Regiment von Schill

The Prussian Army underwent a major reorganisation since the last newsletter. The points for ranks were altered so as to be more in line with the other armies, and as a consequence some officers found themselves reduced in rank. An unusual circumstance which our officers took in stride. After all, it just means they get to play in the field longer before heading to a desk!!

Another facet of the reorganisation was the swelling of the Reserve with the 'silent' and the retired. Eventually, all officers need a break from the army, club and wargaming and consequently spend some time in the Reserve. They will always be welcome to return, it's unfortunate that so few do.

There are still quite a few veterans around. They're a little longer in the face and a little wider around the middle but the gleam is still there as is the fire in the step. Our former Feldmarschal is happily ensconced as a brigade commander. Our most glorious officer, Herr Ritter von Reuter, has taken up the marshal's baton and I myself have taken over the command of I Korps.

The army is busy organising itself for the upcoming League tournament. We're happy to say that the Prussians will be well represented.

Crest Crest


A busy quarter for promotions with the change in command, re-organisation of the ranks and the transfers to the Reserve.

Kolberger Regiment at Grossbeeren

The following officers have be assigned to the Reserve Corps

If you see yourself on this list and you wish to be reinstated please contact the General Staff.

medal medal

Verleihung von Auszeichnungen
(Presentation of Orders and Medals)

Feldmarschal Ritter von Reuter has made his selections for this quarter's merit medal winners.


For devoted service to the Prussian Army and to the Fatherland, for their unselfish use of their time and for their dedication in improving the facilities of the Prussian Army, Officers Iain Thompson and Simone Tombesi are awarded the the Kriegsgedenkmünze for 1813. Congratulations Gentlemen.

General Service Medal

His Excellency, Herr Reuter, has declared that for services and time rendered for the betterment of the club and for the further enjoyment of it's members, Ken "Muddy" Jones of the Anglo-Dutch Army will receive Prussia's General Service Medal. Congratulations Herr Jones.

Infantry Infantry

Gemusterte Rekruten
(New Recruits)

No new Rekruten were signed up this quarter.

The following are in training and will soon join our glorious army and contribute to its many victories.


"Pro Patria et Gloria"

Feldmarschal Ritter von Reuter
Generalmajor Rob Hamper

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