Apotheosis of French Heroes

Apotheosis of French Heroes

Sur la Route de Chatillon Napoleon

Bulletins de l'Armée du Nord

The usual chain of reporting was interrupted when Maréchal Palomo was called to the bedside of an ailing relation. The Maréchal entrusted the preparation of the Bulletins to one of his finest and most reliable officers...en l'occurrence, c'est moi!

I Reserve Cavalry Corps

Ier Corps de Réserve de Cavalerie (Vae Victis!)

Corps Report July-September ‘02

Change in OOB:

9ème Chevaulégers-Lanciers

Lieutenant Hargreaves is promoted to Capitaine.
Lt-Colonel Tessier is promoted to Colonel.
Lieutenant Jorge Oscar Raido earned his Commission and assumed command of the 9ème Cuirassiers, 1ère Brigade, 3ème Division de Cuirassiers.
Lieutenant Dean Beecham earned his Commission and assumed command of the 11ème Cuirassiers, 2ème Brigade, 1ère Division de Cuirassiers.
Lieutenant Ben Balough has returned from the Reserve and resumed command of the 3ème Dragons, 1ère Brigade, 2ème Division de Dragons.
GdB Peterson is created Comte de Besançon and given command of the 1er Régiment de Dragons de l’Impératrice, Cavalerie de la Moyenne Garde.
Sous-Lieutenants Shore, Poulson, Hendrickson, Beecham, and Mora have joined the Vélites.

Corps HQ

2 officers active: Rios, Peterson

1ère Division de Cuirassiers

5 officers active.
3 officers reporting: Cumberlidge, Tessier, Müller.
2 officers failed to report: Patuelli (no contact for 3 months), Saes.

2ème Division de Dragons

5 officers active.
4 officers reporting: Weightman, Hargreaves, Balough, Martin-Perez.
1 officer failed to report: Amos.

3ème Division de Cuirassiers

4 officers active.
4 officers reporting: Esteller, Hocking, Papatheodoru, Raido.
No officers failed to report.

8ème Hussards

S-Lt. Jonas Karlen in training with GdB Weightman.
S-Lt. Scott Hendrickson in training with GdD Rios.
S-Lt. Dean Beecham in training with GdB Peterson.
S-Lt. Andrew Shore is in training with Maj Cumberlidge.
S-Lt Tom Poulson is in training with Maréchal Palomo.
S-Lt. Homero Mora awaiting assignment.

Census (after recommended retirements):
13 active officers, 6 trainees

Transfers to Reserves


I Corps d’Armée

No report received at Armée du Nord HQ.

II Corps d'Armée

15ème Ligne

1. Organizational Changes:

Not having completed training, Sous-Lt. Kramer is placed in the inactive Reserve.
Chef d’Escadron D. Earls assumes command of the 1ère Brigade, 1ère Division de Cavalerie Légère.
Capitaine B. Kimball assumes command of the 2ème Brigade, 1ère Division de Cavalerie Légère.

2. Officers that have been promoted within the last month:

3. Recommendations for medals, decorations, and special orders:

Lieutenant Vinnos is recommended for the Médaille Militaire for his first victory over the Allies.

Capitaine Zantuck is recommended for the Médaille Militaire for his first victory over the Allies.

Administrative notes for August, 2002:

Sous-Lt. Fuller is in training.
Sous-Lt. Ros is in training.
Including HQ, and two officers in training, II Corps consists of 30 officers.

III Corps d’Armée

Tambour Major

Please find attached the July-August activity for the glorious 3ème Corps d'Armée. All details in web page.

Placed in reserve:

Lt Natta


Croix de Valeur Militaire
Pour Bravoure face à l'ennemi, la Croix de Valeur Militaire

Vive l'Empereur!

Generals' Uniform decorations

Général de Brigade Bill Peterson
Comte de Besançon


Maréchal M. Francisco Palomo
Duc de Rivoli
Commandant, l'Armée du Nord

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