A Prussian Heroine

A Prussian Heroine

Hohenfriedberger March
Iron Cross Iron Cross

Bekanntmachung den Königliche Preussichen Armee
Dispatches of the Prussian Army
October '02

Prussian Musket 1809
Standarte Standarte

(Prussian Army News)

The Prussian Army is still a thriving entity. We've kicked off a new "gaming season" after the summer months with an Army tournament. See below for details. Our officers continue to be engaged within the club and the army has had its share of wins along with its losses.


"It was with great honour and privilege, in the name of the Honourable Feldmarschall Stefan Ritter von Reuter, himself a servant of our revered King, Friedrich Wilhelm III, sovereign of Prussia and protector of Germany, that the Prussian Army offered promotions to the following officers for gallantry in the face of the enemy and for furthering the glory of Prussia. God save the King and Fatherland."

Neumark Landwehr
Apr 20th:
D.Walter Major OberstLt.
May 26th:
D.Nguyen PremLt. Kapitän
Aug 21st:
C.Hopper PremLt. Kapitän
D.Nguyen Kapitän Major
B.Schulte Kapitän Major
I.Thompson Oberst GenMaj
S.Tombesi Oberst GenMaj
D.Walter OberstLt. Oberst
M.Williams OberstLt. Oberst
Aug 31st:
B.Schulte Major OberstLt.
Sep 21st:
B.Schulte OberstLt. Oberst

As can be seen by the number and consistency of the promotions, our Army is alive and well.


Verleihung von Auszeichnungen
(Presentation of Orders and Medals)

Feldmarschal Reuter has instituted 'Preussisches Maneuver' ribbon in two grades for Army tournaments: Silver for all the fighting Officers and in Gold for the winner. The graphics were done by our very own Simone Tombesi.

Streifcorps Hellwig 1813

Gemusterte Rekruten
(New Recruits)

SekLt. Viesturs Lezdins has graduated and has been assigned to the 4th Westphalian Landwehr Regiment! Congratulations!

Prussian Challenge 2002
Preussisches Maneuver 2002

To promote some interaction, training and unity the Prussian Army has instituted the Prussian Challenge. The idea is that each player has control of an army that consists of the same order of battle as Blücher had for the 100 Days. The scenario is a blind affair with each player submitting the order of march for his troops on a large map. Each game is a meeting engagement with the objective being to push the other player off the map. The player with the least losses whilst still on the field is declared the winner (you can't abandon the field!). The winner advances to the next round with his losses carrying over.

This year there are eight challengers and all the games are well underway. It's too soon to give any results but there should be a full report in the next Newsletter. Good luck to all participants!

Gott Schütze Armee und Vaterland!

Prussian and allied staff at Leipzig

Feldmarschal Ritter von Reuter

Generalmajor Rob Hamper

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