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Marche des Soldats de Turenne

Bulletins de l'Armée du Rhin

Soldats de l'Empire et de l'Armée du Rhin, attention!

Our HQ is still badly shaken after the Cossack raids. However, we persevere here at the Armée du Rhin. French Retreat The raids have taken our CoA and CoS. Dead, wounded, captured or still evading we cannot tell. We have called for new officers to take positions of responsibility. Our noble cause requires men of integrity and purpose. Several new officers have taken on the call and will be assuming positions soon; more on that once they are about to take command. In this light it is probably also appropriate to announce that CiC Gen. Peluso has granted me permanent command as CoA Armée du Rhin. (Ok, ok....enough of the wine...especially if you throw the bottles at me!)

The Ecole de Mars staff has decided on moving forward with a few projects that will, I believe, bring our battle prowess to new heights. Once we have a scope and framework I will enlighten you further.

The following men have been awarded medals or decorations for their battle achievements:

Ordre de l'Ecole
Ordre de l'Ecole:
Pistolet de Maréchal
Ordre du Confédération du Rhin
Ordre du Confédération du Rhin:
Hesse-Darmstadt troops
Croix de Valeur
Valour Cross:
French infantry in woods
Rheinbund troops

The following men have been granted promotions for their service to France and the Emperor:

Francois Trebosc to Maréchal

Theron Lambert to Colonel

Antonia Aitala to Capitaine

Congratulations gentlemen, all worthy recipients.


I must keep this report short as we are still reorganizing and dodging Cossack lances. (Where are our Light Cavalry divisions?)

In the service of France & Napoléon,

Colonel Baron Davout
CoA Armée du Rhin

Horse Artillery Standard

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