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Moving! What a pain in the...neck!

Readers, the immense delay between the 18th Edition (March '02) and this 19th Edition (October '02) is fully to be blamed upon the moving of the Editorial Office across nine time-zones, from central Germany to southern Oregon. Computers, books and files were sealed inside a shipping container from 26 June to 10 September. Home Internet connection was established some weeks later. No gaming for three months!

Wurttemberg artillery on the move

Movement of armies, with all their impedimenta and supplies, has always been among the most difficult of military challenges. The months of grinding labor and footsore marching that precede and follow the great battles often dominate soldiers' memoirs, especially those based on diaries written day-by-day in the field. "Amateurs discuss tactics, professional soldiers study logistics" sayeth one of our foremost military authors.* In the famous diagram illustrating the diminishment of Napoleon's army over the course of the Russian Campaign of 1812, the winter took its toll, but it is noteworthy that the greater part of the attrition took place in the Summer, before the Battle of Borodino, and far more from exhaustion, disease, and malnutrition than from combat.

Conclusion? Moving is hard, but moving a household in the 21st Century is small potatoes compared to moving an army in the Napoleonic era. Consider the challenge of moving a battery of guns and a supply of shot and powder with only muscle for motive power, and the wonder is that armies moved at all!

*Tom Clancy

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