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Anglo Dutch Dispatch

Spanish Walloon Guards

Greetings gentlemen and welcome to the Anglo-Dutch Dispatch. Don't forget that we have our quite unique London Gazette, which is updated regularly with all our Armies' news and information. We have had a few new members start their training over the past months, welcome gentlemen, but membership is very low this quarter… please continue badgering friends and relatives and get them to look at OUR club.

Lord Cheshire, Brigadier General Sir Tony Dobson, has announced his intention to retire. It is scarcely necessary to describe how much this stalwart and tireless warrior and gentleman will be missed by all in the NWC.

Gentlemen over the next few months there will be some major changes within the Army due to the changing front in France. KT The Guards Division will become an active Division. There will be more information on this as time goes on but the Corps should be up and running, ready to go to France by the end of Feb 1803. The RMA is on the quiet side this Quarter but with new plans in mind I hope we can see some new Cadets pass thought its doors. I would like to thank all the Officers that took the time to answer the muster call. That is it for now chaps; it remains for me to wish you all great gaming and a Happy New Year!!


This has been everybody’s favourite subject. So I have now decided to keep this in for this issue. Here is a list of the Anglo-Allied rank structure.


The rank of Colonel can only be passed by an officer in Brigade/Division/Corps command or by an officer with an admin role within the club.

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce the following promotions, decorations and commissions and postings.

God save King George!!

Hanoverian Infantry


Ensign Richard White appointed as Adj to the Army.



The following Ensigns have successfully completed their training and passed out from the RMA:

The following Officers have been commissioned to the Guards:

Spanish carabinier 1808


George by the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith.
To our Trusty and well beloved Officers Greetings. We reposing especial trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage, and good conduct, do by these Presents Constitute and appoint you to be an Officer of Our Land Forces from this date forward. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge your duty as such in the Rank of Lieutenant or such higher Rank to which We may from time to time hereafter be pleased to promote or appoint you, of which a notification will be made in the London Gazette, and you are at all times to exercise and well discipline in Arms both the Inferior Officers and Men serving under you and use your best endeavours to keep them in good Order and Discipline. And We do hereby Command them to Obey you as their superior and you to Observe and follow such Orders and Directions as from time to time you shall receive from Us or any of your superior Officers according to the Rules and Discipline of War in pursuance of the Trust hereby reposed in you.
Given at Our Court at Saint James's this date in the Year of Our Reign.
By His Majesty's Command


Portuguese Order of St. Benedict
Promotions as of the 13 Jan 1803.

Congratulations Gentlemen well played!

Wellington, by Goya

Medals and Awards

George by the Grace of God. of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith.
Sir, I am directed to transmit to you the accompanying medal which has been conferred upon you for your services with the British Forces during service to the King against the French. In Forwarding the Decoration, I am commanded by the King to assure you of His Majesty's high appreciation of the services rendered.
I am Sir, Your obedient Servant


The following officers have received awards for their service to the club or for their battlefield endeavours:

MGSM (Military General Service Medal):


Army Gold Medal
Army Gold Medal

Col Geert Van Uythoven 17 Oct 1802


Highlander Storming of Badajoz


I Corps

At this time I Corp has hit a really bad patch and the Command Staff are looking at ways to get the Corp back to it’s former self. From the report I had from the Corp Commander no Officers apart from the Dutch Div Report to answer the Muster.

Muster December 2002

Maandelijksche Staat
1e Brigade, 2e Divisie
Koninklijke Mobiele Armée

December 2002

OfficerUnit Game ID F/MOpponentArmy Game/ScenarioTurn/Total Result
1e Luitenant H.E. Boersma Jag. Nº 27 Z605 M General-Major Ruben Lopez Russian Army Staff PTW / d'Erlon Unleashed 6/32 Pending
& 1e Luitenant A. Veenstra & Colonel G. van Uythoven 2e Ned. Divisie F (MP) Tomasz Nowacki & Colin Greenfield & Stewart Stiles PTW/Ligny & Quatre Bras 3/28Pending
Kapitein E. Voogd Mil. Nº 5 F Guillaume Aymonier-Ameline CE / Corunna 13/24 Pending
& Colonel Geert van Uythoven 2e Ned. Divisie F Richard Barett & Theron Lambert PTW / Twin Battles 19/28 Pending
FMark EasonNIR / Kutusov Turns to Fight 20/48 Pending
MOE #2 FAndrew Hall CE / The Battle of Teugn-Hausen15/16 Major Victory
FMacolm CumberlidgeAdN CE / Abensberg5/28Pending
Z624FBill Peterson Garde Impériale NRC/Campaign/Smolensk9/28Pending
1e Luitenant A. Veenstra Mil. Nº 7Z563 FColonel Michael ArretAdR BGW / La Grande Bataille de Waterloo46/54 Minor Victory
Z250FLieutenant Craig Armistead AdRBGW / A Great Day for a Battle19/54Pending
Z 627 F GdB Tony MaloneAdN BGW / The Battle of Waterloo5/44 Pending
Z469FLt Gene MillardAdN NIR / Kutusov Turns to Fight24/48Pending
FLt Oscar RaidoAdN PTW / The Battle of Quatre Bras 9/28 Pending
& Mark Black & Lawrence DowsonAnglo-Allied ArmyFMichael Arret PTW / Waterloo at Ligny and Quatre Bras 4/104 Pending
& 1e Luitenant H.E. Boersma & Colonel G. van Uythoven2e Ned. Divisie F (MP)Tomasz Nowacki & Colin Greenfield & Stewart Stiles PTW / Ligny & Quatre Bras 3/28 Pending
Majoor M. BijlMil. Nº 8Not engaged

Drawn up: 5 January, 2003
2e Luitenant-Adjudant J.J. Schrequelndreyer

Hanoverian Infantry Orange-Nassau Infantry 1815

2nd Brigade:

OfficierGameID F/MOpponent(en) ArmyBattle/Scenario Turn/TotaalResultaat
1e Lt Marco Rietveld X7 F MP Lt Patrick Mossier/ Sous Lt Richard Bache/ Sous Lt Armand Lauzon AdR BGW/The battle of Waterloo historical 8/44Allied major victory
X13 F MP Lt Patrick Mossier/ Lt Richard Bache AdR/ AdR BGW/The battle of Waterloo historical 2/44N/A
Z619 FLt Sergio Alarcon AdR BGW/A Great Day for a Battle 5/54 N/A
Z482 F Lt Patrick Mosier Armée du Rhin BGW/General d’Erlons Assault 8/10 N/A
?F Lt Mieszko Ciesla Armée du Rhin PTW/ Battle of Quatre Bras 5/28 N.A.
Z625 F Lt Rob Burns Armee du Nord Eckmuhl/ The Battle of Teugn Hausen 3/16 N.A.
Kolonel Geert van Uythoven W19 F MP Barrett/Lambert ADR PTW No.4 Ligny & Quatre-Bras 20/28 N.A.
X7 F MP Lt Patrick Mossier/ Sous Lt Richard Bache/ Sous Lt Armand Lauzon AdR BGW/The battle of Waterloo historical 8/44 Allied major victory
Z195 FSerge Sirochenko ADR IV Res cav PTW No.3 Quatre-Bras 17/28 N.A.
Z296 F Lt-Col Warnfried Schulze ADN II Corps NIR No.19 Advance the Guard9/24 N.A.
Z467 F Lt Antonio Aitala AdR VIII Corps PTW No.5 Fury of the I Corps 23/28 Allied major victory
Z474 F GB Joseph Spinali ADR IV Res Cav BGW Waterloo historical 16/44 N.A.
Z571 F Yann Lamazec ADN II BGW There is Grouchy! 4/24N.A.
Z570 F Yann Lamazec AdN II BGW There is Grouchy! reverse 4/24 N.A.
? F MP Tomasz Nowacki/ Colin Greenfield/ Stuart Stiles PTW No.4 Quatre-Bras & Ligny 3/28 N.A.
Z585 FMarshall Jeff Bardon Imp. Guard PTW No.21 Quatre-Bras AOW 8/28 N.A.
Z586 F Lt Patrick Mossier ADR VIII Corps PTW No.7 d’Erlon Heeds Both Calls 14/28 N.A.
X13 F MP Lt Patrick Mossier/ Lt Richard Bache AdR/ AdR BGW/The battle of Waterloo historical 2/44 N.A.
? F Lt Patrick Mossier ADR VIII Corps PTW No.7 d’Erlon Heeds Both Calls - reversed 1/28 N.A.
2e Luitenant Erwin Muilwijk Z66 F Tony Malone ADN III Austerlitz historical 23/38 N.A.
Z498 FBruce Hall ADR PTW, Ligny historical 8/26 N.A.
II Corps

They are in a good state with most of its members having active games on going. There was well over 90% of the Corps answered the Roll call. The Corp is managing to hold their number which is good to see.

Cavalry Corps

The Cavalry Corps is in a good state with no Officer missing the roll call. the Corps Command wishes to thank all Officers for their participation.

British Coat-of-Arms 1801


Sir Ian Travers
Brigadier General Sir Ian Travers K.G.
Anglo-Dutch COA
In a street café* in Paris, January 1803

(*Un prisonnier sur parole? Ed.)

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