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Bulletin de l'Armée du Rhin

Maréchal Eugène Napoleon at Boulogne

It has been a turbulent time for the Armée du Rhin these past three months: Marechal Eugène captured by cossacks and then, by providence, his discovery by a patrol of hussars. Near death though he was from the cold and separation from the latest fashions of Paris, we nursed him and gave him command of the armée; alas, his ordeal has incapicitated him possibly beyond his ability to recover. He is resting comfortably in Paris, new chapeaux are brought to him regularly and an oompah band plays nightly. We hope his recovery is soon completed so that he may take his place at the head of the Armée du Rhin. GdB Lannes, CoS of the Armée is acting commander.


The Armée du Rhin has moved its HQ and we will make correspondence when we have settled in and the Commander in Chief has toured the new facilities. This move has been a blessing in disguise as the new facilities are magnifique. This rebuild is 98% due to the efforts of Lt. Nicholas Fulton, the armée's new Adjutant. The Ecole de Mars has also moved to new facilities and this is due to the efforts of the armée's AdC, Lt. Ken Counselman.

4ème Légère. Original artwork by Keith Rocco, www.keithrocco.com

The installation of these units in new HQs is not the only change for the armée, however. We are also displaying several new colors. The former VIIIth Corps has been split into two corps, the new VIIIth, commanded by GdB Leigh Monk, containing the Westphalians, and the VIth, commanded by GdB Baron Richard Barrett, containing the Bavarian regiments. We had to do this as they were constantly bickering about 'great taste' and 'less filling.' We're trying to gather more information at this time. [Which is better, Westphalian or Bavarian beer? Ed.]

The ranks of the armeé have been filling out and we also felt that another corps was required. Therefore, we'd like to announce the creation of the VIIth corps, commanded by GdD Mark Eason. This corps will be made up of the Saxon contingent.

The Armée du Rhin's Ordre de Bataille is now:

Infantry Colonel Cockade

IVth Corps (Ecole de Mars) is commanded by the able and rising star, Colonel Cox. The good colonel has recently taken this command and has turned out fine new officers for the needs of France.

Vth Corps commanded by the dashing and brave GdB Gerry O'Shaughnessy. He has commanded the Vth over the last year and a half with dedication and vigor.

The newly formed VIth Corps is being lead by the stable (well at least when he's not under the table) and daring GdB Richard Barrett. This man has no match at cannon or drink. We are indeed lucky to have such in our corps.

The VIIth Corps is currently recruiting and mustering new units. It is led by my replacement at the Ecole de Mars, GdD Mark Eason. The good general is one of the finest examples of a field commander. I am glad to have such a commander within our ranks.

The VIIIth Corps has been taken over by GdB Leigh Monk. The Westphalians have lost a great commander in Francois Trebosc; however, I cannot think of a better replacement than the exemplary general.

The Reserve Cavalry Corps is commanded by the capable Maréchal Mark DeMello. He, like GdD Mark Eason and GdB Gerry O'Shaughnessy, has served the Armée du Rhin for over a year and a half. This officer is tough and has succeeded against adversity and the enemies of France.

Garde Impériale uniform button

The HQ of the Armée is staffed by Maréchal Barry Maunsell COA (convalescing), GdB Glenn Callaway CoS, Lt Nicholas Fulton Adjutant and Lt Ken Counselman.

Gentlemen, I give you the Armée du Rhin.

Polish Uniforms
eagle Eagle

Orders, Decorations, & Medals
for the period of October to December '02.

The following officers have been awarded various Orders, Decorations and Medals for achievements and merits:

Médaille Militaire
Medaille Militaire
Line Infantry
Ordre du Conféderation du Rhin
Ordre du Conféderation du Rhin
Landshut Bridge, 1809
Order be la Couronne de Fer Couronne de Fer
Ordre de la Couronne de Fer

11-inch Howitzer
Military Star
Military Star
Grenadier à Cheval Order de Napoléon
Order of Napoleon

Napoleon's Coat-of-Arms

Vive le Tondu!

Submitted with honor and respect,

GdB Lannes
CoS Armée du Rhin

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