Battle of Varoux, 17 November 1792

La Carmagnole

Bulletins de l'Armée du Rhin

Fantassin et Tambour, 1797

Recent months have seen quite a few changes in both the structure and trappings of the AdR.

As of April 23 '03, GdB Mike Cox has assumed command of l'Armée du Rhin. Lt-Col Counselman will serve as Chief of Staff. It is our hope to re-establish the AdR as the preeminent army of the NWC. We have big shoes to fill, but our livers and pocketbooks (at least our creditors') are up to the task.

A project long in development an now bearing its fruit is the relocation to a new HQ, spearheaded by Major Nicolas Fulton and Lt. Colonel Ken Counselman. While there was some difficulty in finding enough Snow Leopard pelts to cover the ottomans in the Ecole waiting room, we are settling in nicely at: In addition, Lt. Col. Counselman was able to apply his deft redecorating hand to the Grand Armee website: Part of the redecoration effort, had the Sous-Lieutenants putting a fresh coat of paint and a bit of new masonry (we still hadn’t patched the hole from the time that Barrett wagered a barrique of Musigny against a bucket of Guinness that he could shoot an empty glass off Eason’s head with one of his beloved 6 lbrs.) for Pierre’s Tavern. Unfortunately, a wayward cadet sealed up the door as well, and so we have a new entrance to the refurbished (well it was until Barrett got the 18lbrs) Pierre’s http://pub39.bravenet. com/forum/show.php?usernum=3312744747 . The password was sent to all French Corps and Army commanders. Should you still need it, please contact your commanding officer, Lt. Col. Ken Counselman or GdB Mike Cox.

French Infantry, 1796

Armée du Rhin

V PolishVI Bavarian VII SaxonVIII Westphalian IV Res. Kav
GdD Baron
GdB Comte BarrettGdD Comte Eason GdB Comte MonkMaréchal Demello,
Duc d’Eckmuhl

Battle of Fleurus, 1794

Along with the move we uncovered a host of medals that needed awarding.

Armee du Rhin! Attention to orders:

Ordre du Confédération du Rhin
Ordre du Confédération du Rhin

Military Star
Military Star
Croix de la Valeur Militaire
Valour Cross
Grand Triumph Cross
Grand Triumph Cross
Ordre du Commandeur de l'Ecole
Ordre du Commandeur de l’Ecole
Ordre de la Couronne de Fer
Ordre de la Couronne de Fer
Médaille Militaire

None. Note to officers: Read the rules. You must apply to receive this.

Ordre de l'Ecole
Graduates of the Ecole de Mars, Ordre de l’Ecole

For the Armée du Rhin,

Général de Brigade Baron Michael COX, Comte de Moselle
Superintendant of Cadets, Armée du Rhin
König Jägers zu Pferd (Württemberg), AdR HQ
2e batallion, 1er Régiment de Chasseurs à Pied, Infanterie de la Vieille Garde

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