eagle Wagramer Grenadiermarsch

Berichte den Kaiserlich-Königliche Österreichische Armee

Austrian Infantry, 1798

Austrian Hussar, 1796 Austrian Line Infantry, 1798 (15 mm)

The Austrian Army has not spent the winter months sampling the pleasures of the Kaffeehausen of Wien, as enticing a prospect as that might be. Instead, we have kept up the fight against the forces of the Ogre, under the noble leadership of our Commander-in-Chief Dermot Quigley and Gavin Woods. Likewise, Major Stephane Chicouri was instrumental in the development of the information for this report.

Over the course of the last months, the forces of Kaiser Franz have garnered 2 Major Victories, as well as a Minor Victory. However, honesty compels us to report that we likewise suffered 4 Major Defeats, as well as a Minor Defeat.

We have added Ola Berti to our ranks, and he is currently undergoing training.

Austrian Kuirassier 1796 Austrian Infantry 1796

We have three officers who have received promotions:

Bronze Cannon Cross Austrian Imperial Order of Leopold
The Kaiser has seen fit to give the following awards:

For his first Major Victory, Major Gavin Woods received the Bronze Cannon Cross.

For his hard work on the last two newsletters, Major Stephane Chicouri receives the Austrian Imperial Order of Leopold.

As a closing note, we would like to mark the retirement or Oberst-Lt Bill Peters. One cannot readily express our appreciation of his efforts, for the Austrian Army,and for the club as a whole, not to mention his hard work on "our" two games, Eckmühl and Wagram. We wish him the best in his endeavors.

Hoch der Kaiser!

Oberst-Lt Gary McClellan
ADC Imperial Austrian Army

Istvan Szechenyi


Hungarian statesman, the son of Ferencz Szechenyi and the countess Juliana Festetics, was born at Vienna on the 21st of September 1791. Very carefully educated at home till his seventeenth year, when he entered the army, he fought with distinction at the battle of Raab (June 14, 1809), and in July brought about the subsequent junction of the two Austrian armies by conveying a message across the Danube to General J. G. Chasteler at the risk of his life. Equally memorable was his famous ride, through the enemy's lines on the night of the 16th-17th of October 1813, to convey to Blücher and Bernadotte the wishes of the two emperors that they should participate in the battle of Leipzig on the following day, at a given time and place. In May 1815 he was transferred to Italy, and at the battle of Tolentino scattered Murat's bodyguard by a dashing cavalry charge. From September 1815 to 1821 he visited France, England, Italy, Greece and the Levant, carefully studying the institutions of the countries through which he passed, and everywhere winning admirers and friends. The rest of his life may be read on: http://10.1911encyclopedia.org/S/SZ/SZECHENYI_COUNT.htm

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