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Master of Europe II Tournament:
An Update

by Major General Sir Kenneth "Muddy" Jones, KG
2nd Queen's Dragoon Guards, Household Brigade

Napoleon Bonaparte, the once defeated and exiled Emperor of France, escaped from the Isle of Elba and returned to Paris where he regained the throne. Quickly the old soldiers of his Grande Armée answered his call and together they marched into neighboring Belgium to defeat the Anglo-Allied armies gathered against them. The Master of Europe was once again about to take the field.

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Early June 1815, Somewhere in Belgium.

Round 2 -- Complete

The Heights of Hougoumont. June 18, 1815. (BGW/WL) After Quatre Bras, Wellington blinked and withdrew towards the northwest. Blücher, however, found courage from the Ligny fight, shook off the pursuit, and headed east to cover Brussels and to look for the Anglo-Allied Army. During the night of the 17th, he reached the Chausée de Bruxelles à Genappe et Charleroi south of the village of Waterloo, where his scouts reported a strong French force approaching from the southwest. Blücher drew up his advance Corps in a defensive position on the heights overlooking a small chateau and offered battle. The French, under the command of Marshal Ney, had orders to reach Brussels, posthaste. The Prussians barred the way. Can Ney move them and clear the way for the Armée du Nord? 12 Turns.

Round 3 -- In Progress

Reconnaissance le Matin, June 18, 1815. (BGW/PN) What if Napoleon had not sent Grouchy after the Prussians and Wellington had deployed his army farther to the south with his left flank covering Smohain? In this alternative opening to the second phase of the 1815 campaign, Napoleon orders a recon-in-force towards Plancenoit and Smohain. What will he find? (10 turns).

Players advancing to Round 4, as of 20 April '03: Jeff Bardon, Gabriel Rodriguez, Antonio Jesus Rodriguez, Bill Peterson.

Round 3 matches still undecided: Palomo vs. Nowacki, Krygier vs. Coakley, Bovo vs. Cruz, Cavallin vs. Stafa.

Round 4 -- Forthcoming

The French Defense of Mellet, July 1815. (PTW/TB) A hypothetical encounter between elements of the French III Corps and a part of the Prussian Army commanded by Gneisenau (mostly I Korps units). The French have been tasked with the defense of a strategic town. The Prussians are approaching from the south and east and must attack across difficult terrain. Can they clear the town of Napoleon's soldats? 20 turns.

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