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2 Zapadnaya Armiya
(Second Army of the West) Dispatch



 Grenadier and Sergeant, 1799

The 2 Zapadnaya Armiya is 41 members strong as of the 20th of April.

The following recruits have completed their training and received their command assignments:

(Note that the latest three new officers are members of the same family (father and two sons). They enlisted and completed their training with Kap. Stafa in a record time.)

Opolchenie Korpus (still in training):
Order of St. Catherine  Order of St. Alexander Nevsky    



Russian arms continued to enjoy success on the battlefield. Since the last dispatch, Russian officers have posted 7 major victories and 2 minor victories.

General Repnin, 1790


Order of Franz Josef

1. General-mayor Juan Pablo Da Cruz
Awarded the Order of Franz Joseph for achieving 10 victories against the enemy.

 Waterloo Medal

7 Pekhotnyi Korpus

1. Kapitan Daniel Ericsson
Promoted to Mayor.

2. Podporuchik Martin Johnston
Promoted to Shtabs-Kapitan.

3. Podpolkovnik Pascal Hummel
Awarded the Waterloo Medal for his first major battle on the fields of Quatre-Bras.

4. Polkovnik Andy Moss
Promoted to General-mayor.

5. Shtabs-Kapitan Antonio Rodríguez
Promoted to Mayor.

5-kopek coin 1789

8 Pekhotnyi Korpus

1. Kapitan Konstantin Koryakov
Promoted to Mayor.

2. Podporuchik Dennys Sirochencko
Promoted to Poruchik.

 Catherine the Great

Rezerv Korpus

1. Shtabs-Kapitan Pavel Stafa
Promoted to Mayor.

2. Podporuchik Jakub Sebera
Promoted to Poruchik.

3. Podporuchik Martin Butas
Promoted to Poruchik.

4. Podporuchik Jirí Lejnar
Promoted to Poruchik.

4 Kavaleriyskiy Korpus


1. General-mayor Philip Chimara
Promoted to General-leytenant.

2. Podpolkovnik Joe Ayres
Promoted to Polkovnik.

3. Shtabs-Kapitan Josu Pérez
Promoted to Kapitan.
Awarded the Waterloo Medal for his first major battle on the fields of the Twin-Battles (Quatre-Bras and Ligny).

4. Shtabs-Kapitan Emil Aerne
Promoted to Shtabs-Kapitan.
Promoted to Kapitan.
Awarded the General Service Medal for his first first victory against the enemy in a long battle.
Awarded the Waterloo Medal for his first major battle on the fields of Quatre-Bras.

Courtier's Hat  


General-mayor Rubén López (PlM) CoA20 pts.
General-leytenant Juan Pablo Da Cruz Quartermaster and Opolchenie Korpus CO.20 pts.
General-mayor Nano Capfer 7 Pekhotnyi Korpus CO.10 pts.
General-mayor Karl Schneider 8 Pekhotnyi Korpus CO.10 pts.
Mayor Pavel StafaRezerv Korpus CO10 pts
General-mayor Andy Moss 26 Pekhotnaya Diviziya CO. 5 pts
Kapitan Konstantin Koryakov2 Grenaderskaya Diviziya CO.5 pts.
Podpolkovnik Phillip Chimara4 Kavaleriyskaya Diviziya CO. 5 pts.
Polkovnik Gil Ocampo Donskiy Kozaki CO. 5 pts.



Russian Guards
Master of Europe 2:

Three of the four Russian officers that passed to the second round of the MOE2 tournament won their battles and advanced to the next round. The only one to be eliminated was S-Kap Johnston. But you must take into account that he was matched with another Russian officer, May. Stafa, so only one Russian could pass. Surely it was a plot from the frogs to eliminate at least one of their fiercest enemies!

In the third round, GL Da Cruz, May. Stafa and May. Rodríguez continue to defend the Russian honour against an horde of French barbarians (and a few other fellow Allied officers). May. Stafa and May. Rodríguez have already reported their victories; we are awaiting news from GL Da Cruz, to see if three defenders of the mother Russia will be among the contenders in the tournament’s fourth round.



General-mayor Rubén López (PlM)
Chief of Staff
2 Zapadnaya Armiya CoA
Ego Imperatorskogo Velichestva Rossiyskaya Armiya

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