by Bill Peterson

Tempus fugit! How does the time pass so fast? Wasn't it yesterday that Edition XXIII of the Napoleonic Wargaming Club Newsletter was published, shortly after the bicentennial of Napoleon's coronation? And now, here we are at the bicentennial of the Capitulation of Ulm (20 October 1805), and closing fast upon the bicentennial of Austerlitz!

One stays busy: translating two more volumes of Arthur Chuquet's Les Guerres de la Révolution (Volume VI, Custine's Invasion of Germany: The Operations of the Army of the Rhine, August 1792-April 1793, in print; Volume VII, The Siege of Mainz, 1793, and the French Occupation of the Rhineland, about to appear), traveling, singing in a concert in Siena, camping in the Bois de Boulogne, scouring the Louvre for a self-portrait by Albrecht Dürer, earning a living -- the usual things. Then, with the publication of HPS Simulations Campaign Waterloo, having this overwhelming urge to scurry about southern Belgium with camera, notebook, compass, and topographic maps, to produce another "Landscapes" article in the vein of the 2002 "Landscapes of Campaign Eckmuhl."

Thank you, readers, for your patience. Carpe diem!

Moulin de Valmy

Editor with sons at Valmy Windmill, June 2005

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