The Approaches to Saal

In the Hunting Davout scenarios, the area just south and southwest of Saal is often the scene of a climactic and sanguinary clash. See, for instance, How to Lose a Battle by Drew Stone in the Napoleonic Wargaming Club Newsletter, 18th Edition.

Photo locations near Saal

Photo locations near Saal

Feckinger valley southeast of Saal

Looking south-southeast along the valley of the Feckinger Bach from the rise at Peterfecking. In reality as in Campaign Eckmuhl, this is a great site for a battery dominating the valley!


The wooded rise east of Mitterfecking

Looking east across the Saal-Hausen road at the wooded rise opposite Mitterfecking. The edge of these woods is a great place for tirailleurs to snipe with impunity at Austrian cavalry on the road below. Isn't that right, Bill Peters?


Looking north to Saal

Looking northeast to Saal from the Saal-Abensberg road: A view that most French players hope the Austrians will never see!



"Visit exciting Reißing! Recently colonized by a vibrant population of French immigrants, the village is redolent with the atmosphere of la belle France: garlic, manure, and sweat. The well-trained staff will give you such a warm welcome that within minutes, you will think that you have died and gone to Heaven...and you'll probably be half right!" Looking north-northwest from near Buchhofen on the Saal-Rohr road toward Reißing and the ridge beyond.


Looking southwest from ridge north of Reissing

Looking southwest from the ridge north of Reißing: Another great place for a battery! Saal60, Saal61, and Saal62 form a panorama.


Looking south from ridge north of Reissing

Looking south from the ridge north of Reißing (village visible at left).


Looking southeast from ridge north of Reissing

Looking east-southeast from the ridge north of Reißing.


Looking northeast over Saal

Looking northeast over Saal from the ridge north of Reißing.


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