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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated on December 4, 2021


Battle Of Cowpens January 17, 1781 - by Don Troiani


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What games can I use in this club? Where can I get them?

A: The Colonial Campaigns Club (CCC) currently supports the following titles by Wargame Design Studio (WDS) [Formerly John Tiller Software (JTS)] - and their Early American Wars Series - Campaign 1776, War of 1812, The French and Indian War, Mexican-American War & Seven Years War.

The Club also supports the AGEOD/Matrix Games/Slitherine Games of Birth of America, Birth of America II: Wars in America and also Rise of Prussia. These games are available at Matrix Games - or Slitherine Games -


Q: Are these games ready to play as soon as I download them? If not, where do I go to get the latest patches?

A: Yes, the games can be played right after you download them. They are very stable and do not require any patches to make them useable. However to play games within the club against other people you will need to be on the latest patch for each game. They can be found at these locations:


Matrix Games/Slitherine Games: Birth of America, Birth of America II: Wars in America and also Rise of Prussia


Q: Why do you have four Armies in the club? Why have you chosen these particular four?

A: The club initially started out with a British and American Army as we only had one game, Campaign 1776, and it primarily included those two forces. As things moved forward we got a second title, War of 1812, which added many more engagements involving Indians, however not enough to do anything about. Both the Indian's and French were minor players in both titles to date. With the advent of the French and Indian War game, that changed. Both groups now had a major presence and did not really fit well within the other two armies. So the smaller French command in the Colonial forces was spun off into a new army and the scattered Indian unit's were joined together to make the Indian Alliance. Not only has this given the club more flavor it has also increased the number of available opponents, from one army to choose from, to three.

The Mexican Army in the Mexican American War has not been added yet, due to the fact that we do not have enough administrative and website Staff to support another Army. Once we can grow that support, the Club Staff might consider that addition.

AGEOD's Rise of Prussia contains many European Countries that are not represented in the Club. The reason for this is we are a Club based on Colonial Wars in North America and not elsewhere. Rise of Prussia was added in though, as it represented the European Theater of the French and Indian War called the Seven Years War.


Q: I only have enough money to buy one of these games at the moment? Which one should I get?

A: This is a hard one, as each game offers different things. Most people own Campaign 1776, however French and Indian War has the most scenarios and the best campaign offerings of the series. Both Campaign 1776 & War of 1812 have a decent amount of custom scenarios created for them as well. Mexican-American War and AGEOD should be bought to supplement what you already own.


Q: The game will not install or I am having issues with patching or operating the games:

A: The below are the places to get technical support for each of the games:

WDS/JTS Support -

AGEOD Support -

Matrix/Slitherine Support - or


Q: How do I start a PBEM game? For that matter, what is a PBEM game??

A: Go to this tutorial for complete instructions - Need to Recreate Page. Used to be hosted on Geocities.


Q: How do I set up an On-line Multi player game?

A: Go to this tutorial for complete instructions - Need to Recreate Page. Used to be hosted on Geocities.


Q: How do I play a campaign game?

A: Go to this tutorial for complete instructions - Need to Recreate Page. Used to be hosted on Geocities.


Q: How do I create a custom scenario?

A: Go to this tutorial for complete instructions - Need to Recreate Page. Used to be hosted on Geocities.


Q: How do I get awarded medals?

A: About every other month, we check the club game archives - the excel sheets that contain all the data on completed battles - for victories that qualify for a medal. Then, all those medals are awarded in one large batch for all four club armies, by way of a list posted here at the tavern. The check is done very thoroughly by the reliable and usually we don't miss anything ... though of course we are human. Hence, medals are awarded automatically and there is nothing you have to do to make sure you get it, unless of course the list for the next batch of medals is out and your name is not on it, in which case you should inquire with your army commander.


Q: I have comments about a scenario I just played. Where can I share my thoughts where there's a decent chance some action will be taken upon them?

A: Visit these forums for giving feedback, located here:

For HPS/JTS Games -


For Matrix Games -


Q: Does an on map supply source re-supply infantry ammunition?

A: No. It only prevents units from becoming isolated in the event they are surrounded. Primarily used inside of forts so garrisons don't become isolated and then useless.


Q: A unit is isolated and surrounded on 5 hexsides (6 o'clock open). ZOC is exerted on the remaining hex. Isolated unit meleed from the 12 o'clock position. I have seen the unit eliminated by ZOC as well as squirt through. Any explanations?

A: The thing that comes into play here is the direction the retreating unit will take. A unit will not retreat into a forward facing direction when attacked from the rear, so in a case like that they would be eliminated by the ZOC. Otherwise they should move to the available hex.


Q: The replay's for my PBEM game are all messed up, what can I do?

A: For WDS/JTS Games: Deleting the PBEMAIL.XXX and PBEMAIL.YYY files could help. These will be automatically recreated with the next e-mail game you open. These are just working files for the game.

For AGEOD Games, see the AGEOD Forums - or the Matrix Forums -


Q: I sent in a New/End game form but did not get a confirmation. What's up?

A: If you have not received a new game number or points award for an end game within 1 week of submitting it re-submit or contact current Secretary of War.


Q: How do I find out which scenario I am playing in a Campaign?

A: 1. Open .cpf file in any text editor (Notepad will do).
2. The third line after "PBEM Header" gives the title of the scenario.
3. The last figure in the fourth line is the number of turns.
4. Start game in normal mode and look for the scenario and turn number.


Q: What are the most frequently used formal rules for game play?

A: Well, this varies quite a bit, and can create some debate. The image below depicts the most common optional rules I use in my games:

Q: What are the most frequently used informal rules to enhance historical accuracy?

A: Many players like the rule no melee attacks in column formation (only line of Extended formation) EXCEPT under the following conditions:

If the attackers are Indians

Attacking across a bridge

Attackers on cavalry


Q: How does one handle the desire to stop play or wave the white flag?

A: This really depends upon the situation, and whether youa re playing a single battle or in a campaign. Let's look at two situations to try and answer this:

1) You are in a single battle. The additional consequences for this are minimal...there will be no new game that builds off the results of this. So it's the easiest of the two choices. Look at the situation, if it's obvious you are losing you just "offer your sward" to your opponent and give them the major victory. However, if the outcome is not clear then you have to look at other reasonings. Are you just tired of playing and going to leave the club? Is your opponent not responding in a manner that you expect? Are you having personal problems that inhibit your ability to play? My suggestion is always aim towards a middle ground. If problems are arising I usually look to either place the game on hold until they can be ironed out, or just call the game at it's current victory condition. Keep in mind that if you just let a game drop and do not communicate with your opponent they have the right to claim the major victory, after going through proper command channels.

2) A campaign game. Generally, it's better to play campaign games to completion, as losses carry over, as well as fatigue. So if you are winning, it doesn't really do much for you to take the major victory and move on, unless you just want another battle. You would be better served by crushing your opponent, or avoiding that crushing if the tables are turned. Removal of units, and in fact your entire army, is an acceptable part of a campaign game. In some cases it is required to win. The thought process behind this is you have lived to fight another day. Often times though players will use the PBEM Termination bid feature to move on, if they have negotiated a satisfactory ending condition to the scenario.

As a basic rule of thumb, I toss in my hat when the outcome is very obvious, or ask my opponent if he wants to if I am winning by a large margin. There are certainly "points of no return" and I would often rather start a new battle than continue on in an already decided situation. As with most things though, this will vary from player to player.

If you have a Q & A you would like to submit please send the Club Staff an email here.


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