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Updated on March 8, 2008


The Artillery of Independence, Siege of Yorktown, Virginia - October 9, 1781 - by Don Troiani




Club Philosphy

Cabinet Positions

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Absent Without Leave (AWOL) and Participation
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Club Philosophy

The Colonial Campaign's Club was formed to play the Campaign 1776, War of 1812, the French & Indian War and The Mexican-American War games by HPS and John Tiller. Any future games that relate to this period will also be supported, when they become available. The CCC wishes to provide members a setting where the military and historical flavor of this period can be explored and savored among friends. The CCC, while competitive, wishes above all to promote good will and camaraderie for war gamers of this period. Promotions are based on quality of play, participation and leadership in the club, not just by the number of games played.

Only one side can be joined, the British Army, Colonial Army, French Army or the Indian Alliance . New members will be assigned to an army of their choosing, after a brief training period.   This training period consists of learning the game system and all aspects of play by email (PBEM) gaming.  After training, you are promoted to Corporal and awarded 20 points.  If you chose not to participate in the training, you start at the lowest ranking for your army. You can start and play a sanctioned game, playing any side. The only penalties will be if you play against a member in your own army. For example if two Colonial Officers want to play a game, they may, but this will be scored without any victory points being included in the calculation; this is to encourage play between the four armies, as much as possible.  Multi-player games are encouraged; the players on opposite sides of an MP can't be from the same Army. With the addition of the Mexican-American War (MAW), the army structure will remain as above. There are no plans, as yet, to include a Mexican Army.(Amended 3/08/2008 )

All members will start at the lowest rank for their respective armies, unless they participate in the Club training program. Points will be awarded for games played, and administrative duties performed. The point system advances the Officers rank up to a Colonel; General Officer ranks are to be approved by the Cabinet. Also, for an officer to attain the rank of a General Officer he must occupy (or must have occupied) a leadership position within his army, i.e. a Divisional or Department command. If the officer does not wish to, or can not do this, they will remain a Colonel until they can.   (Amended 3/12/2003)

Role playing is encouraged to portray the natural rivalry and positions of the different armies. Friendly banter is encouraged, but rude and antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated.

Only one Army can be joined, British, Colonial, French or Indian Alliance. Any club member, who is discovered to belong to one Army, while being a member of another, will be required to choose ONE side. Furthermore, at the discretion of the club's cabinet, penalties may apply including any or all of the following: Forfeiture of all ongoing CCC sanctioned games, with major victories and points being awarded to opponents, 0 points for the offender.

Loss of all current CCC points and rank accrued from both Armies.

Placement on the chosen Army's Inactive List for one month. No sanctioned games can be started during this month.

Removal from the CCC and a permanent ban on all future memberships and activities.

A member who wishes to change their Army affiliation properly will be accommodated and will retain all points and rank. Simply submit a new sign-up form and contact the CCC President and both Army Commanders. It is required that the same email address be used if changing from one Army to the other.

Attempting to be a member of more than one Army at the same time is extremely discouraged, as it brings dishonor to and mistrust of the offending member. You may change Armies only once. Any member found to have joined more than one Army, a second time, will be dropped from the club rolls.

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Cabinet Positions

CCC Cabinet consists of 7 members, a President, a Secretary of War, a Training Commander and a British,  Colonial,  French and Indian Alliance Commanders in Chief. (Amended 3/12/2003)


President: Overall club organizer, ensures the club is being managed correctly, looks to resolve squabbles in a spirit of fairness. Promotes the club to get new members and manages the club web site.


Secretary of War:

A) Maintains officer data for all members of the club.
B) Collect and record game registrations and results.
C) Track game records and scenario data

Training Commander:

Maintain records of all recruits trained

Recruit Training Officers

Assign all new officers to their respective commands


Commanders in Chief:

A) Serve as Military leaders for their Army.
B) Serve to Coordinate Corps and Army commands.
C) Maintain officer data for all members of their Army.
D) Approve promotions for officers Colonel and below.
E) Assign all new officers.
F) Monitor Army web pages to ensure that data is up to date.


All Cabinet members partake in the following duties:

A) Approve promotions within and to the General Ranks.
B) Settle game issue questions.
C) Provide forum for officer grievances.
D) Evaluate new games for inclusion in the club.
E) Perform rules modifications as necessary.

Administration points (5) are to be awarded each month to Cabinet members. 

The Colonial Campaigns Club allows members wide latitude in their conduct within the club.However, there may be circumstances that will cause the Cabinet to discipline a club member, due to extraordinary behavior detrimental to the Club.This discipline may include suspension or dismissal from the club.A majority of three quarters of the Cabinet members (less an offending member, if appropriate) would be necessary to institute sanctions.

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Army Organization

Commander in Chief (CIC):

One CIC per Army.

Administration points (5) are to be awarded to CIC's on a monthly basis. 

General Officers:

Promotions to and within the General Officer ranks are approved by the Cabinet. Members eligible for General Officer rank must have participated at higher command levels (i.e. Department, Corps, etc), have served as aides and in other staff and administrative capacities or have provided service to the club as a whole, in some manner.Those members that have the necessary points for General Officer rank, but who do not currently hold or previously held higher positions or assisted in the club management will remain at the rank of Colonel.Once the criteria for General Officer rank has been met, the Cabinet may authorize the promotion.(Amended 10/12/04)

Commanders of Brigade, Division, Department, Corps (or any Command of more than one individual)

Commanders are responsible for their commands. A brief report is to be provided to the CIC regarding the monthly activity, as needed.

Duties will include:

A) Serve under the CIC as commander for all assigned officers.
B) Help member officers resolve any issues before they become problems if possible.
C) Maintain command web site with member officer data.
D) Maintain good lines of communication with member officers to ensure they are remaining in good standing within the club.
E) Advise and help junior officers.

Unit Commanders:

Officers will be assigned to regiment, battalion or company. Points accumulated will allow for promotion to the next rank. Each officer should comply with the following:

A) Read and comply with the club rules.
B) Respect superior officers and obey orders given.
C) Agree to maintain at least one on-going sanctioned game within the club.
D) Be present for duty (maintain contact with chain of command).
E) Advise and help novice officers.

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A member may resign from the club at any time. A resignation means that the member has left the club and gives up all points, rank, unit and awards. A person that resigns might want to join again and he may do so, but would start as a recruit. However, cabinet approval would be needed for a person who resigned to rejoin the club.

A member may resign for any number of reasons and a reason need not be given, but it would help to have a reason, such as PERSONAL or WORK or simply REAL LIFE interference.

Any resignation will be treated with a 10 day grace period before the resignation is effective. There will be only one 10 day grace period.

A person may request to be placed in an inactive status for whatever reason and that is dealt with in the below section.

An inactive status may be a temporary situation and a resignation is permanent, after the 10 day grace period.

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Absent without leave (AWOL) and Participation:

All officers should endeavor to maintain contact with the chain of command as much as possible. We recognize that the "real world" often does not permit this as much as we would like. Whenever possible make your commanding officer and opponents aware of any prolonged absences that maybe forthcoming.

Commanding officers will also send out messages to officers they have not heard from in a while to help maintain contact. Make every effort to answer theses queries as they will help maintain your active status within the club.

An officer is considered AWOL if his chain of command has not heard from him within 1 month. If this occurs that officer will be moved to an inactive post. Should an additional month pass without contact that officer will be removed from the rolls of the club. Should the officer return after being removed he will have to start over in both rank and points. ( In light of current events, members called to active duty or already on active duty and posted to remote areas will be given all the latitude the club can give to retain all rank and points, even if they have been removed.) (Amended 3/12/2003)

Additionally, at the end of each calendar quarter, any member that does not have an Active CCC Game and has not started or completed a CCC sanctioned game will be placed in the inactive list, retaining rank, points and unit.

While on the inactive list, a player may be reinstated to active duty by starting a sanctioned game.

After two (consecutive) quarters on the inactive list, the member will be automatically removed from the roster and would need to re-join as a new member. (Added 5/17/05)

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Discussion Boards:

All discussion boards within the club, i.e. Army HQ's or the main board should be checked as often as possible. Besides friendly banter these boards will be used to get information out to all the club membership. Also, in the case that someone is having troubles contacting you via e-mail they will most likely try to reach you this way.

Respect for your fellow members, proper language, and good conduct are the rules governing all the boards within the club. Above all we are here to have FUN, not degrade, insult or hurt other members.

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CCC Officer Promotions:

Indian Alliance
Field Marshal
Miko Hopaii- War Chief
Lt. General
Lt. General
Lieutenant General
Miko Malvhta-Lightning Chief
Major General
Major General
General de Division
Miko Hiloha-Thunder Chief
Brigadier General
Brigadier General
General de Brigade
Miko Mahi- Wind Chief
Miko Ossi-Eagle Chief
Lt. Colonel
Lt. Colonel
Lt. Colonel
Ossi Hopaii-Eagle Leader
Chef de Bataillon
Miko Nashoba-Wolf Chief
Nashoba Hopaii-Wolf Leader
Miko Nita-Bear Chief
Nita Hopaii-Bear Leader
Miko Chula-Fox Chief
Chula Hopaii-Fox Leader


*General ranks will not be awarded without the officer having participated in a position of responsibility such as a commander of a Department, Army, Chief of Staff, Aide de Camp, etc. General ranks must be approved by the Cabinet. Those members NOT in positions of higher responsibility would remain as a Colonel, until the criteria for General Officer rank is met. (Amended 10/12/2004)


Point Scoring: Revised / Clarified - 12/2007

Individual Scenarios:

The following calculation will be used to determine the amount of points awarded to each player upon completion of a scenario.

Win/Loss points + Turn Points + Completion Bonus (if applicable)  =  Score

Win / Loss Points
Maj Vic
 = 5
Min Vic
 = 4
 = 3
Min Def
 = 2
Maj Def
 = 1

Turn Points:  Each 5 turns = 1

Completion Bonus = 1  (This is ONLY awarded if ALL of the turns are completed.)

Any fractions will be rounded up to the next whole number.

NOTE:  Games played between members on the same side (Maneuver Games) will receive only Turn Points & Completion Bonus (if applicable).  Maneuver Games do NOT receive win/loss points.

Campaigns: A campaign may consist of any number of scenarios to qualify for the campaign completion bonus points.
(See chart below)

Each scenario, as it occurs, is treated as any other individual scenario and must be sanctioned with start and end game submittals.  Game points will be allocated upon completion of each using the Individual Scenario formula, above.

Final Campaign Bonus Points will not be assigned until the campaign is completed.

Campaign Bonus Points will be allocated using the following chart and are based on the number of individual scenarios needed to complete the campaign.  

                  Campaign Bonus Point Chart
3 or more
Maj Vict
Min Vict
Min Loss
Maj Loss

We do not wish to penalize players for things beyond their control, so the scoring method above covers short campaigns that fall in the category of a campaign ending in 1 to 2 battles.

Another matter has been discovered. In several of the campaigns, but not all, there are not 5 possible outcomes as listed above. For example in the full Revolution Campaign there are only 2 possible outcomes: a British Victory or an American Victory. It is the club policy that campaigns of this sort will be scored as Major Victories (Defeats) unless the players feel a Minor is in order.

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Administrative Points

Administrative Points shall be awarded to officers holding certain command positions within the club. Individuals who maintain MAJOR club web pages will also qualify, this means Army or Department level pages. 

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Game result definitions

1) Abandonment/forfeit - When a player disappears, for personal reasons cannot continue, etc. the game is terminated. In the event your opponent disappears and does not reply to your message you should follow the following procedures:

A game can be considered abandoned if a one month period passes with no word from your opponent. If this happens you should contact your commanding officer, providing him with all the details of your game (i.e. match number, opponent name & address, victory condition and any history of communication you can provide between you are your opponent).

Your commanding officer will then try to reach your opponent directly and through his chain of command. If this method fails the game will be considered over and 5 points will be awarded to the remaining player with the absent player receiving 0.

Any officer not following the above procedure will forfeit his points for the game in question.

2) Battle resignation - one side decides that the battle is lost and resigns. = Level of victory to be determined by his opponent.

3) Mutual resignation - both sides agree to end the game and determine a victory level that does not necessarily coincide with the computer calculated victory conditions. = a draw.

4)Multiplayer Team Game: If individual players disappear from a multiplayer team, the remaining player(s) may recruit replacements if they want to continue the game. Replacement players have to be found within a reasonable time frame (two weeks as a rule) and the opposing side may veto a replacement player and the game will then end at the current victory level.

5) Completed game - all turns completed. Game victory conditions apply.

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Poor Game Conduct

Poor game conduct is not condoned in this club!

Computer gaming enthusiasts often see codes and cheats available in computer games. Some game enthusiast's pride themselves in being able to hack the game code and develop cheats of their own. This is frowned upon in this club. All members are on an honor system and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that would make Mama proud.

The club considers the following as poor game conduct:  Intentional replaying of any portion of a turn; ANY altering of battle files, parameter data files, or order of battle files without the mutual consent and cooperation of your opponent; Viewing your opponent.s files without permission to gain information, including miss-sent files; misrepresenting oneself in the club to obtain information or advance in rank; Falsifying games. This club is meant for fun, if you feel you must manipulate situations to win, go somewhere else.

We are not Policemen

The administrators of this club are here to game and provide a friendly setting for members. We are not here to investigate every instance a player thinks their opponent is conducting themselves poorly. Reviewing files takes time and this time is volunteered. Please don't abuse it. Members are expected to make every possible effort to communicate rules and options to one another before starting a game. Members are expected to make every effort to continue that game or notify their opponent if they wish to resign. Members are expected to make every possible effort to resolve problems without requesting assistance from superior officers. If you do not like playing a certain member do not play the member. Do not look to the club for support in attempts to vilify that player.

As a Last Resort

If you suspect a player is willfully and blatantly cheating contact your immediate superior and let him review files or raise issue to the Board. Always handle these matters discretely, as everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Accusations of cheating can be very damaging to the club and to individuals concerned. All communications regarding cheating MUST be handled privately and discreetly. Players that attempt to PREEMPT the board.s verification and/or results by making PUBLIC statements will ALSO be looked at closely by the board. In addition, players that attempt to sway results with PUBLIC opinion, using SPAM tactics, will not be allowed and is vigorously discouraged. The board shall review the situation and all results will be kept on file. Cheating is grounds for dismissal; likewise frivolous accusations will not be tolerated.

The best defense is to not play against a person you suspect of cheating.

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Optional House Rules

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