NWC - Newsletter


EDITION 01 - May 1998

May 03, 1998
Editor: Pierre Desruisseaux  NWC - Secretary of State



General Info and Club News

This is our first newsletter, it has been a hectic couple of months organizing this club.  We still have a ways to go but hopefully we are on the right track.  I would to remind all that this is not a ladder club, although we have "points" it is not the "raison d'Ítre".  Foremost we are enthusiast that enjoy the TS Napoleonic games.  We are structured to allow for individuals to bring to the club their perspective, interest, via their chosen military formation and own web page.  If you are interested in the Napoleonic Wars and want to be part of a Army of the area, this is it!

The Club hierarchy is in a flux as we are striving to fill positions within the Allied Command.  Recently Bill Peters has taken over overall command (CiC) of the Allied Coalition Armies.  I believe that positions for the British Chief of the Army (CoA), Russian CoA are open.  We need to fill these positions so that we can carry on the fight. They are not difficult but they require foremost  dedication and some organization skills.  New Officers must be quickly integrated and matches organized.

Let us welcome Ray Panfill, who has filled the position of Secretary of War.  We are still working out the details of the Cabinet positions, their functions and responsibilities.

There have been some changes with the Web Pages, please bear with us. The main entrance page will be at the following URL  www. wargame.ch.  The web page will allow you to go to the different affiliated clubs, fill in recruiting papers,  or join a mailing list for club news.  The Info Logo Wargame Club (ILWC), is hosting this page as well as our Rhine Tavern page.   The ILWC offers you the ability to find opponents in many of the other wargames so don't hesitate to join to find players with the same interest..
NEW Order Of Battles (OOB) see NWC play aids section

Detailed order of battles.  Regiment strength and quality.    A must to plan your campaigns.

Napoleon in Russia French OOB .HTM
NIR  French OOB   .DOC Office 97
NIR Russian OOB   .DOC Office 97
PTW French OOB  .DOC Office 97

By Einar J Masson

Promotions and Organization changes

    Current Positions:   Steven J. Peluso   President
                                  Pierre Desruisseaux  Sec. of  State
                                  Ray Panfil  Sec. of War

La Grande Armee

     CiC: Steven J. Peluso

Allied Coalition
    CiC Bill Peters (Temporary)

    British Army
        CoA  Allen Torgenson
    Prussian Army
    Russian Army
    Austrian Army

**** Please note that we are looking for dedicated Leaders for a command or staff position.   If you are reliable  and willing to put in a little effort please contact Lt. Steven J. Peluso with your area of interest. 



New Members

We have received dozens of new Officers this month.   To many to include in this edition.   


Trivia Contest

Question No.1

Congratulations to the winner  Lt. Scott Finn of the 13th Legere was the
4th correct answer.

Question: Where did the name "hussars" originate from
and what was their primary designated function?

His answer: The original Hussars were Hungarian light cavalry units, during the late
15th century. They specialized in raids and irregular operations.
Their main role served as reconnaissance and raiding which is the same
role of the units with that name today.

5 points to his Officer total, the first points in the Club.

Question No 2.  No winners

Question:  Within the Montreal (Canada) urban area is a structure
with a name of a famous Napoleonic war figure.

Answer:  The "Wellington tunnel"
connecting Montreal and the city of Verdun.

Question No 3.

Winner:  Lt. Bram Steijn (Prussian, 29th Berg Infantery rgt). Congratulations..

The repulse of the French assault on the Chateau of Hougoumont
was one of the decisive actions of the Battle of Waterloo. A gigantic
French subaltern stove in the north door and, followed by a handful
of wildly cheering men, dashed into the courtyard.

Question: What was the Name or Nickname of this French Subaltern?

Answer:  Lt.  Legros,  nicknamed "l'Enfonceur".


Battle News

 "Russian Army Draws First Blood"

2nd Lt. John Underwood won a Major victory in SPW001 against Lt. Bill
Keyes of the French Army. The battle, 'The Main Assault begins' I believe
is the first game completed in the club.


New Scenarios



Battleground Updates

A new 32 Bit un-official Version of Waterloo is available on John Tillers "Unofficial Battleground page".  It is well worth the upgrade although it is for Win95 only.  Make sure that if you have any GIP's that your opponent can and will be able to upgrade as well.  The version for BGG is excellent.

There is an ENCRYPTION option that prevents your opponent to view your turn in PBEM.

Latest Patches:

Changes for BGW 2.02:
* Fix for Cavalry Counter charges.

Changes for BGW 2.01:
* Added PBEM Encryption Option.
* Fixed Line-Of-Sight bug that allowed firing through hills.
* Fix for 3D graphics associated with routed units and Vacant hexes.
* Fix to documentation on Optional Rules in Help file.


Member News


Next Issue

A walk through of a battle for the novices?  2 member players
document their moves and outcomes of their maneuvers to give a
tactical strategy view of scenarios.  Lt. Ray Panfil NWC - Sec. of War
and Lt Bill Peters CiC Allies will discuss their NIR Scenario #2 Shevradino
Redoubt battle.

BGW  32 bit review