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Club Philosophy

    The American Civil War Game Club (ACWGC) has been formed to play American Civil War computer games. The games we currently play are the Civil War Battles Series by John Tiller Software (JTS), John Tiller's Battleground Civil War by Talonsoft/Matrix Games and HPS Simulations American Civil War Series designed by John Tiller, which are the same as the JTS series, but the original game releases. We also support the games Forge of Freedom (FoF), Gary Grigsby's War Between the States by Matrix Games and American Civil War I & Civil War II by AGEOD. All level of players are welcome from novice to expert. We take pride in having a friendly atmosphere for all members. All recruits will pass through a training session, either at the Vicksburg Military Institute (VMI) or the Union Military Academy (UMA), to familiarize them with PBEM and the club rules. Your level of expertise will be taken into account. The excellent staff at VMI and the UMA are there to answer questions and to help. Questions are welcome and many members are more than happy to answer them. The ACWGC wishes to provide a military and historical flavor for the members, not just a points ladder club, but a way to participate and enjoy the times portrayed.  Promotions are based on quality of play and leadership, not just on the number of games played.  The ACWGC is organized in a General Staff type system with a "civilian" cabinet administration to balance the pure military perspective.  Participation by members is encouraged to reduce paperwork and administrative duties.  Role playing is encouraged to portray the natural rivalry and positions of the CSA and the USA.  Friendly banter is the norm, however rude and antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated.  Games are organized by opposing Commanders as well as individual challenges and posting on the PBEM Opponent Finder board. The Mason-Dixon Tavern is the primary club forum and a fun place to hang out.

    (Please note: Club members are responsible for supplying their own games in a reputable and ethical manner, neither offering, abetting or accepting pirated copies.)

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