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War Records:

A List of Scott Ludwig's War Records:

Total Games Played: 163 Games

Games in Progress:

Major Wins:

Minor Wins:


Minor Defeats:

Major Defeats:







Total Wins:

Total Draws:

Total Defeats:





Awards and Medals:

Awards from CSA National Service:

CSA CoA Staff Ribbon (CSA National)

CSA Command Staff Ribbon (CSA National)

10 Year Service Award (CSA National)

VMI Class of 2003 Ribbon (CSA National)

Cleburne Medal (CSA National)

Ewell Medal (CSA National)

JE Johnston Medal (CSA National)

PGT Beauregard Medal (CSA National)

Samuel Cooper Medal (CSA National)

AP Hill Medal (CSA National)

Nathan Bedford Forrest Medal (CSA National)

Purple Eagle Medal (CSA National)

Vicksburg Military Institute Staff Award

Vicksburg Military Institute Staff Award (CSA National)

CSA Combat Action RIbbon (CSA National)

Rewd Badge of Courage Participant Ribbon - 10 Games Played (Club Wide)


Awards from ANV Service:

5 Year Service Award (ANV)

III Corps CO Ribbon (ANV)

Infantry Division CO Ribbon (ANV) - For Command of 2nd "Hill's Light" Division, II Corps.

Armistead Award 1 Time Winner

Lewis A. Armistead Medal (ANV III Corps Award)

John. B. Gordon Medal (ANV Award)

Stonewall Medal (ANV II Corps Award)

20 Victories (ANV)

TS Antietam Battlefield Ribbon (ANV)

TS Bull Run Battlefield Ribbon (ANV)

TS Gettysburg Battlefield Ribbon (ANV)

HPS Atlanta Battlefield Ribbon (ANV)

HPS Corinth Battlefield Ribbon (ANV)

HPS Shiloh Battlefield Ribbon (ANV)

Career breakdown by year:

May 1861-(2003) (admission into club)-present

See ACWGC Adminsitrator

Copyright 2003-present

Scott Ludwig