C. S. A. Officers
Advanced Training Course

Gen. Willie Tisdale Commandant VMI – Lt. Gen. K. Whitehead Commandant CSA War College
Courses written and formulated by the Instructors and Staff of VMI and the War College

Chapter One Placing of Artillery Units – Gen. Johann Huells
Chapter Two Use of Cavalry Units – Gen. Johann Huells
Chapter Three Positioning of Infantry Units – Maj. Gen. Mike Laabs
Chapter Four Placing of Division/Corps Leaders – Maj. Gen. A. Wadding
Chapter Five Identifying Scenarios/Battles – Maj. Gen. Ed Stewart
Chapter Six How to Download patches – Gen. Mark Adams
Chapter Seven Club Website/Forum Navigation – Gen. Mark Adams
Chapter Eight Setting up a New Game and File – Maj. Gen. Ed Stewart
Chapter Nine How to Register Games/Single and M/P
Chapter Ten Duties of a Division Commander – Gen. Johann Huells
Chapter Eleven How to Muster
Chapter Twelve Staying in Touch with Brigade Commanders – Lt. Col. Caverly
Chapter Thirteen Retention of Field Lts. and Captains – Gen. Tony Malone
Chapter Fourteen Principals of War: Mass X Velocity – Lt. Gen. K. Whitehead
Chapter Fifteen Battleground Civil War Strategy Guide – David Moser and Richard Hamilton
Chapter Sixteen The Flank Attack – Lt. Gen. Kennon Whitehead