To provide the Confederate officer with the necessary skills and information to enable him to
defeat the Yankee armies attempting to subjugate the free and independent states of the South.

Lt. Gen. Kennon L. Whitehead

The War College is divided into a number of schools dedicated to the study of different aspects of military operations. These can be directly accessed through the menu on the left or by links in the page. In addition there is a security section. To have full access to the college you must pass through security. Please read the details of this at the bottom of the page.

The Southern Raiders forum should be used to discuss all matters related to the War College and also should be used to develop material for publishing in the War College.  Any officer in good standing with the War Department can submit an article for review in the forum. Once the article is reviewed by their peers and determined to add to the general body of knowledge the Commandant will accept the document for posting to the College along with any supporting material.

All correspondence should be sent to the   C.S.A. War College Commandant:

The School of Tactical Doctrine
This school instructs the student on all technical and tactical aspects of commanding your men in the field of battle. Here you will find information on the proper application of melee, fire, movement, formations, and logistics.

The School of Strategic Doctrine
This school instructs the student in the proper application of the forces under his control. Here you will learn the finer details of how to win a battle or campaign. Also, you will be able to study the strategies and tactics used by others to gain victory.

Department of Intelligence
Here we have collected vital information on the weapons, terrain and people to help you win the war against Northern Aggression.

This is a shared area that even you Yankees can use.