Class 201H: Starting a New PBEM Game (HPS)

I.  Start the proper  game and select: New in the status box, Play By Email for mode, and choose your scenario from files, Hit OK

II.  Select the proper local side.  VMI cadets, this is the Rebel side for you in your training session!  Your instructors will play as the Yankees.             Check the "Fog of War" box and then click on "Rules..." 

III. Turn all rules on - this is the club default.  You will be free to negotiate rules in your future games, if you so wish. Click "OK" to accept the optional rules.

IV. Click "OK" again to begin your turn.

V. The game will prompt you with "End of Play-By-E-Mail Local Control" at the end of your turn, or immediately if you are supposed to move second. Click "OK", and you will get a save game box.

VI. Enter a file name. The game will add a "bte" extension to the file.  This tells you it is a PBEM file.  The game file will be saved in the game folder. Hit SAVE.

VII. You will now get the PBEM Message below. Hit OK. The file is now ready to zip and send to your opponent.

VIII.  After you receive a zipped file back from your opponent unzip it into the proper directory.  Start the proper game again, Select OLD in the status box, "Play By E-Mail" and select the file from the box on the right. Note: when you select OLD the file box on the right will only display your PBEM files. Continue with your turn and send the zipped file back to your opponent. Repeat until the game is finished.
For additional reading on  Strategy and Tactics as well as a variety of related American Civil War topics please refer to the Library Section.
This completes your review of the  Class 201H: Starting a New PBEM Game (HPS) . You may now either continue on with Class 301: Sending Files or return to the Classroom Directory.

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