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- The Brigade of Guards -

The Brigade of Guards is the elite formation of the British Armies in America. Officers can request a transfer to the guards when they have reached the rank of captain and have been declared eligible by the Commander-in-Chief, British Armies in America, on recommendation of their corps commander. Criteria for being eligible are either an excellent battlefield record, or major contributions to the club life.


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Officer Commanding, Brigade of Guards

Major General The Viscount Kitchen of Eutaw Springs, DSM

(Steve Kitchen)


Distinguished Service MedalBattlefield Completion MedalFort Ticonderoga (1777)Green Springs FarmPlattsburgFort Willam Henry

MontrealFort OswegoWestern New York

Summer Tourney 2013/2014 - Particpant

Grenadier Company
Colonel Antony Barlow, OSM

Campaign Medal F&IWFort Willam HenryFort St. FrederickFort Ticonderoga 1758Quebec

Bunker HillBrandywineSackett's HarbourNorth Point

1st Company

Field Marshal The Marquess of Brandywine, KCB

(Phil Natta)


Order of BathCampaign Medal F&IWCampaign Medal 1776Campaign Medal 1812Battlefield Completion Medal

Bunker HillBladensburgBrandywine

(Under Construction)

2nd Company

Brigadier General The Lord Smith of Spencer, OSM

(Paul Smith)


Outstanding Service MedalBattlefield Completion MedalLoiusbourgMonmouthNew Orleans

Summer Tourney 2013/2014 - Particpant

3rd Company


4th Company

Major General The Earl of White Plains, DSM

(Eugene Renna)


Distinguished Service MedalBattlefield Completion MedalBirth of America (Campaign)LoiusbourgFort Ticonderoga 1758MontrealBunker Hill

BrandywineFirst SaratogaGreen Springs FarmWhite Plains

Summer Tourney 2013/2014 - Particpant

5th Company
Major Vern Pinkham, DSM
Distinguished Service MedalBrandywineNorth Point
6th Company
7th Company

Major General The Viscount Hargreaves of Germantown, DSM

(Glyn Hargreaves)


Distinguished Service MedalBattlefield Completion MedalCampaign Medal 1776Bunker HillBrandywineGermantown

Burlington HeightsLundy's LaneQueenston HeightsSackett's HarbourBladensburg

8th Company
9th Company
10th Company
11th Company
12th Company
Light Company
Lieutenant Colonel Anton Kosyanenko, DSM
Lundy's LaneMonmouth


Officers Eligible for the Guards

The officers listed here have been declared eligible for a command in the Guards, but have not applied for a transfer or are currently holding a command position in the line. They retain the right to apply for a transfer at any time of their own choosing, and this request will always be granted.

Field Marshal The Marquess of Kingston, KCB (D.S. Walter) Right Wing
Field Marshal The Earl of Charlotte, KCB (Ernie Sands) Left Wing
Field Marshal The Viscount Ludwig of Lexington, OSM (Scott Ludwig) C-i-C
Lieutenant General Sir Larry Davis, KCB Left Wing
Major General The Lord Jones of Rhode Island, OSM (Steve Jones) Right Wing
Major General The Lord Alberti of Fort Stanwix, OSM (Joseph Alberti) Right Wing
Brigadier General The Lord White of Lundy's Lane, OSM (Rich White) Right Wing
Brigadier General The Lord Zuelsdorff of Mackinac, OSM (Bill Zuelsdorff) Left Wing
Brigadier General The Lord McDonald of Bennington, DSM (Jeff McDonald) Left Wing
Brigadier General The Lord Bangma of Fort George, MSM (Jeff Bangma) Right Wing
Colonel The Lord Lastowicka of Oriskany, MSM (Dale Lastowicka) Left Wing