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 Post subject: Club Proposal and Vote
PostPosted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:54 am 
Gentlemen of the ACWGC,

The amendments in red below have been voted upon by the Cabinet and passed by a 7 - 0 vote. It is now being presented to you for ratification by an open vote of our members at the ACWGC Voting Booth. The Voting Booth will open on Friday and remain open until September 27. Please feel free to post any questions here. Voting In the election of the Club President, all regular officers will have a vote. For eligibility requirements, see section In the election of a CoA, only members at the rank of Lieutenant General or General at the time the election Voting period begins may vote for the CoA representing their respective military group. The Election Committee will use the Department of Records to verify ranks to determine office eligibility, and such other criteria as may be necessary to determine voting eligibility. Nominations for the CoA may be made by any regular officer subject to the restrictions in Rule, below In the election of the Cabinet Secretaries, all regular officers will have a vote and they may only vote for the Cabinet Secretary representing their respective military group. The candidate receiving the most votes for a seat will be declared the winner. A run-off election would only be held in the case of two or more candidates receiving the same number of votes for a seat and these candidates received, individually, more votes than any other candidates for the seat. If a run-off election is needed, only the candidates involved would be included on the run-off ballot. The run-off election will be scheduled not more than one week after the conclusion of the regular election period and the voting period will be for one week. Dates for nominations and voting are to be set by the Election Committee and published in the Mason-Dixon Tavern, with notice also in the Smoking Room. A maximum of one week should be allowed for nominations, two weeks for campaigning, and one additional week for voting. Dependent upon the circumstances and current technical status of the forum(s), the Cabinet shall make a consensus determination of which of two voting process shall be utilized as specified below. Voting will be arranged to be conducted by the Forum Polling Technique; wherein, prior to start of the voting period, the Cabinet will have a Polling Post made within the Mason Dixon Tavern to accommodate the vote, the number of poll selections equal to and identified with the number of legitimate nominees. Access to the Voting Poll will be restricted by the use of a password sent out by the President through the chains of command to all of those officers eligible to vote. The respective CoA's will take measures to insure that the password distribution has been properly completed. The Voting Poll will be structured to allow only one vote per officer, the results of which shall remain undisclosed until the end of the voting period. Voting will be arranged to be conducted by the E-mail technique.
Votes are to be submitted to the entire Election Committee for counting and verification. Verification of votes cast will be by using the email address the voter uses to submit the vote. The email address that the voter uses must be the email address of record in the Department of Records. The Election Committee will attempt to contact, via email, any voter whose email address is different than the Department of Records in order for that member to have to opportunity to correct the address held in the Department of Records. Any addresses not corrected by the end of the voting period will not be valid and not be counted. In the event only one candidate has been nominated by the end of the nominating period, that candidate will be elected by acclamation and no vote will be necessary.

The advent of advanced selection features within contemporary Internet forum programs allow the club to conduct Cabinet Officer Elections in a manner that lend ease and security comparable to the existing E-mail process. This process, known as the Forum Poll, is intended for adoption to allow the club to dispense with the tediousness of E-mail based votes to the members of the Election Committee and also provide an accurate and secure voting tally. However, until the Forum Poll method has established a dependable track record, it is considered prudent to allow the Cabinet to exercise its judgment, dependent upon current circumstances and conditions, to select the particular voting process, E-mail or Forum Poll, deemed most beneficial to use.

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