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John Tiller Software (JTS) Early American Wars (EAW) Series
HPS French & Indian War HPS Campaign 1776 HPS War of 1812 HPS Mexican American War HPS Mexican American War
John Tiller Software (JTS) Game Patches - Early American Wars
HPS Simulations Game Patches - Early American Wars (Original Release)


In Memory of John Tiller (1953-2021)
Founder of John Tiller Software (JTS), Friend to Wargamers & Honorary Member of the CCC


~ Now Playing John Tiller Software Seven Years War (SYW) ~


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News from July 2021 - Bill Spitz Promoted to Major - Steve Colon Promoted to Général de Brigade - Olivier Bianchi Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel - Nick Ferry Promoted to Sergeant - Bill Spitz Awarded Fort Ticonderoga (FIW) Ribbon - No Kill or Capture Bounty for June 2021 - Nick Ferry Awarded May 2021 Capture Bounty - No Kill Bounty for May - New Recruits Kirk Allton, Lynn Newell, Gian Luca Giorgi, Edwin Shi, Nick Ferry - Returning Member Bill Spitz - Gene Nix Awarded Germantown Ribbon


Club Armies:


King George III

The British Armies in America Headquarters

(British, Scottish, Canadian, Loyalist & German Units)

General George Washington

Continental American Army Headquarters

Marshal of France Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, Comte de Rochambeau

French Army Headquarters

Chief Red Jacket (Sagoyewatha)

The Indian Alliance Headquarters



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Mexican-American War (None Yet)

Scenario Lists: 1776 - 1812 - FIW - MAW - SYW

BoA - BoA: II (WiA) - RoP



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